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  1. Qoseph

    brute stealth

    They are used as mules for LoTG global recharge.
  2. I love my ice/ice/ice blaster, build it right and it is like a mini troller, holds good damage and slows rock!!!
  3. Do you have a build for it, just got mine to 50 and looking to Io her out? Thanks
  4. Qoseph


  5. Qoseph


    Tall Rad of Darkness Rad-Dark defender.mxd here is what I came up with
  6. Qoseph


    Anyone have one of these and if you do can you please share your build, thank you
  7. Ok peeps who has the highest vet levels??? please post a pic if you can, thanks.
  8. Qoseph

    Ice/ss tank

  9. Qoseph

    Ice/ss tank

    Any thoughts on this build?
  10. Qoseph

    Ice/ss tank

    ss_ice_Tank_70_resist (2).mxd
  11. Anyone have a build for this been messing around with it myself but can not seem to get it close, just want an all around build nonfarming. Thanks
  12. Anyone have a wm/ice scrapper build, price is not a problem. Looking ng for a good all-round build. Thank You
  13. I have a demon/nature that I just finishing IO'in out, just like to hear what others have taken for their Alpha - Hybrid. Thank you the help
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