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  1. After playtesting a few of my own creations I see what all of you mean about bosses and levels. I'm going to have to rework some things to keep the story in a certain level range.
  2. It didn't change anything for me. I must be doing it wrong.
  3. How do you change the colors your name appears in over your head? My title is so dark I can barely see it. I've seen others where the colors are different.
  4. How do you walk the map and see spawn points? It's always been trial and error for me, but I'm no expert on the AE.
  5. I’ve only recently found Homecoming but I remember the old days….oh, those days back in 2005 or so…I remember Seeing so many variations of known characters. You couldn’t go far without seeing a dozen Wolverines, Hulks, Superman, Batman….I once saw Ororo-Storm. I admit that it annoyed me. But it was always funny when they got tined into “blank” slates by admins. Finding out for the first time that you can’t Solo the sea monster thing. Having to do a mission at level (20?) to get a cape. Hating Perez Park. I got lost in the woods there so many times and always at a level where surviving the Circle of Thorns wasn’t easy. When some high level characters would sometimes get a bunch of enemies to chase them into a crowd of lower level characters. Hey, that’s how I met the Freakshow for the first time.
  6. Lol...I've been fighting the urge to make more characters. In the old days I wanted to try all the powersets. I even tried making every kind of mastermind. I'd like to do it now, but then I'll never get any of them levelled if I split my time between dozens of alts.
  7. Quick question...if a mastermind upgrades one pet do they all get upgraded or do you have to upgrade them one by one? I seem to remember having to do it one by one, but visually it looks like all of my minions get upgraded once upgrade one of them,
  8. Is there a certain setting for a decent Solo boss? I ask because in a mission I'm building I created a "boss" villain that I completely steamrolled while playtesting it. I had harder times fighting henchmen. I don't want to make mission where the villain is ridiculously hard to beat Solo but I don't want the bad guys to be pushovers, either. Is there any advice on building a decent solo boss villain for the AE? Speaking of bosses I tried a mission where you have to rescue a civilian from the boss. I put them both at the back of the map but the boss never appeared near the victim. A few test plays I had to actively run around looking for him. I don't guess there is a way to make sure the boss and the victim show up in the same place. (it was an office building map) Am I missing it, ore is there a way to put the running and screaming civilians in the map? Sorry for the noob questions. I appreciate any help I can get.
  9. Two nooby questions from a guy that played back in the day. First question: How do I make my character name show up Over my head? I'm probably missing something really simple but I don't see it in the options. Question two: Is it always night? I seem to remember some zones being in daylight, but all the zones are dark. It's a bit depressing. (but a minor thing) .
  10. Well, I haven't made one arc yet, I was just wondering. I enjoy that part of the game as much as playing it. (Full disclosure I have written several comic books for the independent market. I'm not a "pro" but I enjoy writing them)
  11. Thanks. I'll check it out. Is there a way to have more than three arcs? I seem to remember being able to get more slots back in the day.
  12. Hi all. I'm "new" as in I just found this place, loved CoX back in the day, but I only had a limited amount of time with the editor before the game was shut down, so I have a few basic questions. What is the "code" to have a contact or villain use a hero/villain's name in the editor? And how do you color text? Also, I was working on a story (which is actually a script for a story I wrote in Star Trek Online when they had a mission editor) converted for CoX and I wondered about having two bosses on one map. I tried it, but one boss who shows up in the middle also showed up at the end near the other boss. Thats probably my mistake, but I thought I'd ask. The Architect is a little confusing. Sorry for the noob questions, and I appreciate any help
  13. Hi everyone. I'm "new" here in a way. I played the game back when it launched, but I was in the military and had to PCS overseas where I couldn't keep playing for awhile. When I got back I was going to re-sub and found the game was taken down. I new about the private servers but the first time I tried to join one my PC kept giving me virus and "unsafe" connection warnings. I recently (as in today) found a link that didn't do that so the game is downloading. I was wondering if they still have rikti invasions and alerts like they used too? (I used to like it around halloween when zombies would spawn all over the place). Either way I look forward to revisiting Paragon City. Champions Online is boring.
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