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  1. I tried the instructions at the top and it doesn't seem to work. When will whatever problem going on be resolved. roughly? EDIT: I tried again and it worked. I must have made a mistake the first time
  2. It would be cool if there is a follow up mission where you help him get off the drugs in the end. (For all I know, there could be, there's a lot of things I have forgotten or did not experience before the CoX was canned. For instance is Overdrive a woman? I always though she was a dude. It only occurred to me that she was female because of some offhand NPC dialogue.)
  3. One of the biggest problems in CO (for me at least) is once you max out a character you have done pretty much all of the content. There's not a lot of it and the zones aren't all that great either. (Does anyone ever go to Lemuria?). The nemesis system sounded like fun but only once did I get to "end" of the nemesis with one character. That's not even that great as you have to have a team of people to do it. Costume parts are behind a paywall. So are "lairs" (their version of bases) and they aren't even really customizable.
  4. I found the nurse in the base editor, but not the trainer, merchant or tailor yet. I'll look again. I'm not even sure if my medical room will work...I put a generator and a control panel thingie in it, but I guess I'll have to die to find out. NVM, found 'em!
  5. Wait, you can put a trainer and a nurse in the base, too? Cool.
  6. I read somewhere that you can have a medical bay in the base (so you teleport there instead of the hospital on defeat) Trying to find out what I need in the base to make that work. Has anyone tried it?
  7. If players can basically have their own SG and a base do they form coalitions still?
  8. It sounds interesting. I hope its not just a one off thing that never comes up again.
  9. Noob question here. I was doing a "tip" mission about drugs or some such and I ran into Stalwart. He's supposed to be a "good guy" though I've usually only fought him on the villain side. He said something about needing this (the drugs, I guess) I was just curious...did he go bad? It's not like this should be spoilers but it really made me wonder. I don't know how "spoilers" work here as the game isn't "live"...but that being said I don't mind them, I just want to know.
  10. Yeah, I noticed that. People joined SGs to pool resources in the past, but if there's no upkeep there's no reason to do that I guess. Everyone can just have their own base. Granted thats what they do in Champions Online, but AFAIK they don't have SG bases, just individual lairs....and they're behind a paywall! They aren't useful for more than storage, though.
  11. Wow...thanks man. Way back in the day I was in a group (villain side) but I deployed (was in the Army) and was gone for awhile. When I got back everyone had left the group and I was the sole member and now leader. But I couldn't pay the upkeep for the base. I guess the free bases put a crimp in SG recruiting, though.
  12. Wait, what? It's FREE? Really? So I can just put stuff in the bass free of cost?
  13. I always thought you had to have a certain number of people willing to join up to form a team, but I found out today that you can just do it by yourself. So I made a group and invited my alts. Now I'm wondering what the rent is. I want to put stuff in it, but I don't want to go in over my head. Is there a way to see that?
  14. After playtesting a few of my own creations I see what all of you mean about bosses and levels. I'm going to have to rework some things to keep the story in a certain level range.
  15. It didn't change anything for me. I must be doing it wrong.
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