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  1. Your help is more than appreciated! Edited to add that with y'all's help, this toon is perfect. lol Extremely tanky tank. 🙂
  2. Thank you, Omega! Really do appreciate all the help!
  3. I very much appreciate that, Seig! As far as capped defenses go, is that up to 90% and is that essentially as effective as capped resists? I have a brute with 90% S/L resist that I was hoping to get close to, or better. If capped defenses are just as effective in damage mitigation I'll be thrilled. ha ha 🙂 Appreciate your help!
  4. I know you posted this is 2020, but I was wondering if this setup will work for tanks as well and if it caps resists and defenses?
  5. I'm hoping someone can help me with a build for SD/BA. This character is at 50 now and hopefully I won't have to start him over. My main struggle right now is stamina. He runs out in no time. Also his S/L resist is only at a base of 66%. Hoping to get that higher. Edited to ask, too, if anyone has a Mids layout I can use for this. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Okay, it was, in fact, the power substation foundations. They just made incredible use of them. :)
  7. I've searched high and low through the tabs for alternative wall options and just can't seem to locate anything suitable. I have tried the cement tiles (too small and require extreme patience lol) and also the power substation floor tiles. Those seemed like the answer until I realized they're transparent one side. For example, I'm trying to build a wall that's perpendicular to the built in base walls to make a more natural looking corridor. Another player base I recently visited made masterful use of something that I think is a column of some kind (octagonal with smooth sides), but
  8. I tried that and found that they're invisible on one side, meaning you have to use 2 and line those up. I was so excited till I realized that. The cement tiles I'm hoping they will increase the size of are opaque on both sides. 🙂
  9. I would humbly like to request much larger concrete building tiles. We currently have 2, but I'm hoping we can get 20ft x 20ft and perhaps 10x10 tiles to do such things as wall building. The "cement tile large" is only about 3ftx3ft and stacking and aligning those gets to be quite a task. 😀
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