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  1. Fantastic! Thanks for getting back to me. I'll give it a whirl this week and let you know!
  2. My rad/ss is at 42 right now. I really enjoy playing him and looking forward to decking him out at 50. Does this build work well in general content? Or is it more farm-only type build? Looks really really interesting.
  3. Hey Scrapper community, Mids noob here. I put together a first draft for my fire/bio scrapper. My Goals were to soft cap S/L/F/C/E/N with as much resist in s/l as possible. I also wanted to get enough recharge to have the ST chain of Fire Sword, Incinerate, Greater Fire Sword. Looks like i'm about .5 second shy of being able to accomplish that rotation while hasten is active... and I can just throw in fire sword circle or char while it's not active. Please take a look and let me know what you think. I have most of these IO's already so not too worried about how much it
  4. Hi All, I picked this game back up mid-June and it's been great. Just one thing missing... an active SG! I self leveled a spines/fire brute to farm up alts until I find a combo set that I enjoy playing with, and I also use the brute to fund my builds (along with flipping stuff on the AH). My current PvE toon is a DB/EA stalker that absolutely rips. He's closing in on 50 and I'm looking for an active SG to join that runs TFs, AV killing, iTrials, exemplar content, etc. I enjoy it all! I've looked around on the various channels in game but cannot get any trac
  5. This build has been so much fun for me. Quick question - did you do Reactive Defense or Red Fortune in weave? I plan on trying both out if you don't answer, but trying to save a little money if possible. 🙂 Thanks!
  6. Man.. I just started leveling a SR/DM tank and I'm loving it. I tried EM on a brute as EM/fire but it was just trash. Is it just that much better on a tanker? I'm VERY interested in trying this out with either SR/EM, Fire/EM or Ice/EM on a tanker. Thanks for inspiring.
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