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  1. Just hide from searches. They can't blind invite you if they don't know you exist. Although I've only gotten I think one blind invite ever in all my time on Homecoming, even before I started hiding from searches, so I don't know where you're getting several an hour.
  2. I have this same issue with people who want to actually use the base I tore down and am rebuilding. What I did was move all the storage to the 10x2 rooms that fill in the top of the plot, plunk down the 24x24 room, filled it all in, then created a few "rooms" in the 24x24 room and build an "it ain't pretty but everything works" functioning base there. Then, once the above-the-base build is ready for use, I can just move the entry portal and storage up there.
  3. You can't just say that and not post pics. I am also working on a space station but it's taking forever since I am hellbent on making it Not Square.
  4. If servers are consolidated, some people will lose their names. And what happens to SGs and their bases? If you want a more populated server, you have effectively infinite transfers. Move to Torchbearer or Exclesior.
  5. Because they're not bringing the second-least of everything. Blaster damage still on par with, if not greater than, all other ATs for general PvE, barring maybe a few FOTM Scrapper and Brute builds. You bring a Blaster to kill everything, you always did, the i24 changes just mean that the emp might still be bored.
  6. Maybe on paper, and if the blappers aren't Fire or /Fire. But in the reality, the Blapper can solo on x8 which means they get a ton of inspiration drops, which they can convert into reds and chug, because they don't need to save space for purples or even a lot of greens. On a team, they can run off by themselves or maybe with a Scrapper and take full advantage of all their damage instead of wasting it on things that the rest of the team has half-killed already. By that logic, why invite anything that isn't an FoTM powerset with a top-end build?
  7. I did this too, but my friends keep forgetting to add it to their tabs on their alts. The coalition channel is automatically there.
  8. Make a second build with hover. It will make your base-building life so much easier.
  9. I don't miss having to wait a million years to buy IOs lower than level 50. I miss even less having to wait a million billion years trying to buy them redside. And I most certainly don't miss the years of the devs ignoring villain players' pleas for a market merge.
  10. Debt is such a joke now that if you nuke your way through a map and die once or twice you're still way ahead of the ATs that slowly slap their enemies to death with a wet noodle in complete safety.
  11. Ah, I see it now, thanks. You have to mouse over the AOE def.
  12. Hmm, Dark Armor then maybe. It would fit the concept and I don't have one yet. But Pines says you only get 1.9% def from Hide, including to AoE, which I assume is what you get when you're not hidden. Is this wrong, or is the softcapped AoE def only while hidden?
  13. I hadn't even noticed the lack of Build Up in the Scrapper and Brute versions, I just want to hit things with a stick. It looks like I'm making my first Stalker then. Form of the Body seems like the one you'd be using most often at higher levels anyway, since you can get recharge and end mitigation from IOs. I'm kinda leaning toward Super Reflexes because I think it goes well thematically with flashy animations, and everything and its uncle has def debuffs in the newer content.
  14. Alone in the Darque is Efficience Expert Pither's arc, yes, but it isn't what gives the Efficiency Expert badge. You have to do all his timed missions for that.
  15. I'm not aware of any Praetorian-only badges that can't be earned by Primals through Ouroboros. If you're referring to the Escapist badge, for leaving Praetoria, it can be earned through Ouroboros, although you might have to wait until 50. Afaik, the only permanently missable badge is Efficiency Expert, since the timed missions required are all one-offs and not part of an arc and don't seem to be available through Ouro.
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