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  1. Are your bosses part of a custom group? If so, did you set them not auto-spawn? If you didn't, they'll spawn as part of regular mobs, if you do, they'll only spawn when you specifically place them as an objective.
  2. Do you really think Praetor White gives a crap about all the noobs that come pester him all the time? He doesn't have time to check out your backstory. All he's thinking about is that his girlfriend's acting weird for some reason and if you'll help him suck up to her that's good enough for him.
  3. It's a sexist joke. That is why it's not funny. Yes, it's 2020 and jokes at other people's expense are on their way to being exterminated. When one person doesn't laugh at your joke, that person doesn't have a sense of humor, but when a group of people doesn't laugh at a joke that is about them, it's because your joke sucks. Nobody wants to be offended, we want people to stop doing offensive stuff and go start an argument on the merits or lack thereof of drive-by Speed Boosts.
  4. This is why I always advertise as "Silver Mantis SF forming, level 20+ REDSIDE." Tends to weed out the hero-only players.
  5. To the people who think real-world politics do not belong in this game: why don't you also think that real-world douchebaggery shouldn't be imitated in this game?
  6. It's not that the "SG is calling" person was really needed, as such, it's that someone else could have had that spot. Especially annoying if I had to turn people away because the team filled.
  7. "Sorry, SG calling, got to go." Always on the first mission of a task force. Usually right after they die, or when they figure out that the ITF explicitly advertised as a kill most is not a speed run. Sometimes on a lower level task force when they figure out there isn't a tricked-out level 50 Brute to pretty much solo the TF for them.
  8. Team leaders who will wait around forever for a team to fill even though we have a balanced team that is entirely capable of completing the content. And on a more petty note, people who insist on "leading" but don't use reveal and constantly go the wrong way and everybody follows them, then we have to backtrack. At least make sure the floor is clear before you head to the elevator on a defeat all.
  9. If you think these are even remotely the same thing you are really missing the point. Please go back to your dudebro cave.
  10. As nearly everyone else has said, the end drain is useless unless you build around it. The set also suffers from a lack of a heavy-hitter. Fast-snipe makes the lack a little less painful, but it still means the set lags behind most others in terms of ST damage, and it doesn't have great AoE to compensate.
  11. Yeah, that's the problem with all those skyscrapers; there's nothing at ground level. Office districts have a lot of foot traffic. Ground level is a prime location for retail and food places. Where do all those Steel Canyon financial employees get their organic mocha soy lattes?
  12. To be fair though, nobody really needed to go to the Rikti Crash Site either. The Rikti respec trial is the only reason I can think of; did regular random mission doors even send you there?
  13. You can find some background on the zones on Paragon Wiki. Steel Canyon is canonically the financial district, Talos Island is relatively new and was a real estate hotspot, Founders Falls is where the rich people live, Eastgate and Woodvale were suburbs before they turned into the Hollows and Eden, Kings Row is an industrial zone that has seen better days. I read "commercial" as shopping too, and there really isn't one. There are stores scattered throughout many of the zones rather than a dedicated downtown shopping district or a mall.
  14. There really isn't a commercial center, just shops scattered everywhere. Probably the touristy places would be in Atlas, the upscale boutiques in Founders, trendy hipster places in Talos, Steel Canyon canonically still has some of the old jeweler's shops. As for quiet suburbs, there's Woodvale...oh wait no. Or maybe Eastgate...oops, not there either. I think the lesson here is that urban sprawl is bad.
  15. I would absolutely love if there were a customization option to make the powers less Arachnos-themed. As it is, the only Patron power I even consider taking is Scorpion Shield. Even my villains don't like Arachnos; my heroes certainly don't.
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