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  1. All those "contact's personal story" missions. I've played them all once, I don't need to play them again, you don't have sprint or swift so they're a slog to run through, and I just want to get the contact out of my active list. "Defeat Crimson" from I think it's Shadow Spider? A failable mission with a running AV with Quickness. Proof that the devs hated villains. Eff that noise. I also skip "Protect the Henge" but I don't skip "Stop 30 Fir Bolg," since I can at least clear spawns while waiting for the next wave instead of sitting there doing nothing.
  2. What you are describing is so completely different from what the Shadow Shard is that it's a completely different zone. The Shard was originally accessed through Portal Corps, and still can be. The Tunnel system was a later addition, for ease of travel.
  3. So it's still useless but now it can be useless faster. Awesome, Can we get the target cap increased to 16 like other Blaster t9s have? Yes, the rule is that cones have a target cap of 10, but it's also a rule that PbAoEs have a target cap of 10, and most nukes are PbAoEs with a target cap of 16, so. I wouldn't mind the cone being a bit wider either.
  4. I have exactly 8 50s on my main server, so they're a team now. Fire/Elec Blaster Fire/Storm Corruptor DM/Shield Scrapper TW/WP Brute DB/SR Scrapper Ice/Dark Blaster Water/Plant Blaster DP/Kin Corruptor Not too many debuffs flying around, just don't get hit.
  5. I still haven't gotten a Defender, Controller, Stalker, or Dom past the low 30s or an MM or squid past the teens. And I only got a tank to 50 on live by making one for a static team, so I couldn't let her sit in the teens like all previous tanks because I just didn't feel like playing her. VEATs were on my "never got past the teens" list too until recently, but now I have a widow in the 40s and I'm really enjoying her so she'll be 50 soon. Never got around to soloing MoITF either. Tried once, the autohit fluffy killed me, tried again, killed the auothit fluffy, learned that it's
  6. Dr Quaterfield is the worst TF, and that is not my opinion, it's an objective fact. In another thread someone condensed the whole dragged-out mess into five missions without losing any of the plot. And the plot isn't all that great in the first place.
  7. Since there won't be any new Dev's Choices foe a while, could you please give all the previous winners their Dev's Choice status back, so players can get full rewards for them and they won't be stuck behind a page and a half of farms in the search?
  8. I'm still unsure whether the zone is a failed attempt at being scary or a failed attempt at camp horror. If the former, I would really like to know who came up with the Mario nom nom nom, and how much they were trolling the rest of the dev team.
  9. The only thing it's really good for is weaseling out of babysitting Captain Hotpants in the Underground trial. That is because they get bazookas. We have to fire a rocket from a frankengun. Redraw shemdraw, gimme an actual rocket launcher for LRM and it might actually make Munitions worth taking (at least until the novelty wears off.)
  10. I've been leveling up a War Mace Scrapper and I find the set very satisfyingly crunchy. Also very satisfying in the make things dead department.
  11. Don't write Corruptors off so fast, Storm Summoning doesn't require you to heal anyone if you skip O2 Boost, and any supervillain worthy of the name has at least considered getting their hands on a weather machine at some point.
  12. I kind of assumed this was unfixable but yes yes yes, fix this and everyone who builds above the plot will love you forever (and we'll finally be able to create a base in the void by building at the bottom of the base, where the drift is currently atrocious.)
  13. Yeah, it does. The AE accolade power doesn't work in instances. Which is unfortunate because I'd love to have a holodeck in my base.
  14. That takes care of the ugliness, but not the size. It gives you quite a bit of precision with small items. When you place a large item, it's just one or two grid points out of alignment, and you try to line it up again you have to drag it back from the other side of the room sometimes, and if your base is big there's also lag to content with so it takes multiple tries to get items lined up and then you get carpal tunnel syndrome. Moving things up and down is fairly easy, but moving on horizontal axes is not so much.
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