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  1. So I just ran Bobby's arc. I didn't save Maestro because there were just too many cops surrounding him. I managed to sneak past the ones near the Miller and nuke his guards, but too many damn cops. The false leads start to get tedious after a while. I was kind of annoyed that the CoT guy didn't have my shiny rock. Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure you don't know they're dead people wearing skin suits at this point in your career. Villains learn this in Magus Mu'Drakhan's arc in the late 30s, iirc. I also noticed that he turned friendly at low health and started helping me fight his former friends; I'm not sure if he can die but if he does die and the body fades out before you talk to him it might make the mission impossible to complete. I've had this happen in tip missions. Arc Flash's motivation just seemed really cliche to me. Full disclosure, I'm not American, but you'd think a hero would be able to set up a GoFundMe or something instead of turning to crime. Her being an elite boss isn't necessary and the Paragon Heroes are usually bosses. I did kick her ass pretty easily, but I was exemped so I had a full insp tray and IOs out the wazoo.
  2. So, some feedback on the vigilante arc: Overall a nice "day in the life" arc. Nothing world-shaking, but in this level range they don't need to be. I felt some of the contact dialogue and the clues could have used a bit of fleshing out. It was a bit jarring to go from bog-standard "let's beat up the Family" to "now let's go rob a bank"; I think clues and dialogue could smooth the transition. I liked the cop's dialogue, he had some personality, which is nice. Said bank was not crawling with security like the pop-up says it is; there was only one spawn, presumably because the rest of the spawn points were reserved for ambushes. I don't feel it needed quite so many, but that's a minor criticism; the map used doesn't make them nearly as tedious as some of the other ambush-heavy missions in the game. Now as for the ambushes in the police station...yikes. Both times I died trying to get out. PPD in this level range are nasty in numbers, and with stacking glue grenades you can't just make a run for the door. Good use of cut scenes, not too long and wrap the story up nicely. Having Lusca in there was a nice touch; the poor GMs never get any love.
  3. Pylons are higher than that, or at least can be; I've been knocked back through mag 8 protection.
  4. The redside version of the arc also has you fight ghostly copies that count for Hero Slayer. So if you missed a mayhem mission, it's an easy way to go back to get it.
  5. It certainly is. Ouroboros is a co-op zone, although you can only do the missions from your own side (so you can't do hero missions through Ouro if you're a villain.) You can use Null the Gull to change your alignment to Rogue; that way you'll still be bad, you can still do all the villain content, but you can also hop on over to blueside and join hero teams. That way you can watch them, learn their weaknesses, make them think you're maybe not all that bad after all, then when their guard is down....
  6. The best place to meet for a redside DFB would probably be Mercy Island. People use the sewer entrance instead of AP blueside because AP is a high-population zone, but Mercy isn't so there's not reason not to meet there. Villains don't really have a bunch of "must-do" contacts like heroes do. The accolade requirements are kind of all over the place; there are a few badge missions you need for them but it's easiest to get those through Ouro. You might want to do Ashley McKnight's arc when it becomes available, if you want to access the Midnight Club the old-fashioned way, run the first patron arc at level 35 to unlock patron power pools, and run the rest of your patron's arcs when they become available to unlock the RSF if you want to be able to lead it, but that's about it for the "needed" contacts, so the rest of your choices would largely depend on what enemy groups you want to fight or what flavor of bad you want to be.
  7. Oh no, Titan Weapons is the opposite of painful on a Brute, it's immensely satisfying. Once you get your survivability up to where you can take on bigger groups, they'll generate that initial fury for you, and get some recharge bonuses so Build Momentum is up frequently, the slow initial animations aren't that bad, and it's smashy smashy time.
  8. Finally got my DM/SD the relevant T4 incarnate powers and took her out for a spin. T4 Agility Alpha T4 Degenerative Interface T4 Assault Hybrid Just me and the pylon, no AAO or Soul Drain fodder: Hybrid toggled on: 348 DPS Hybrid off: 266 DPS With one level 54 spawn, about 5-6 dudes, some of which died after a few Soul Drains: Hybrid toggled on: 434 DPS Hybrid off: 335 DPS At some point I'll have to herd two spawns together to see how I do with fully saturated AAO and Soul Drain, but not today.
  9. Grav controller, obviously. Then he went Rogue, ran a Terra Volta respec trial, and left a forklift in the reactor core. The ensuing meltdown gave a hapless reactor tech radiation powers. And now Litter Bug has a nemesis! Isn't that a federal offense in the US?
  10. That's how I do it. I start using attuned IOs in the teens, starting with the pieces that have accuracy. I usually end up respeccing a few times anyway, but that's build tweaks and sometimes getting rid of an attack I needed to fill out my attack chain at lower levels, not a full-blown power-up.
  11. Striga is the best place for both Family and Warriors. Bosses from both groups spawn quite frequently around the docks, and you get some Family bosses around the bridge sometimes. I got my Outcast badge by running around and popping a few every time I was in Steel Canyon, which I found far more efficient that trying to hunt the Hollows or Boomtown, since those zones don't have a lot of bosses. However, this was back when there were often two instances of Steel Canyon, so all the teamed-up players in the zone were causing a lot of bosses to spawn.
  12. It's mini-arc from Steven Sheridan, listed as "Save Doctors from Rikti" in Ouroboros.
  13. On the other hand, if they are aggroing everything and not wiping (which is how a lot of teams run these days,) then a tank that tells them to stop is a dictator tank that I don't want to team with.
  14. We also did an all-Scrapper Apex and Tin Mage on the test server, when those were still new. Back on live my SG ran an all-Scrapper static team, which we called Team War Crime (in reference to a forum quote, "eight Scrappers isn't a team, it's a war crime.") I know we ran Khan with it, because I still have screenshots, but I can't remember what other TFs we ran.
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