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  1. I'm wondering how well the various knockback and knockdown powers work to mitigate incoming damage at higher levels. I'm asking because I imagine that the magnitude of immunity increases as enemy level does. Same question for repel I suppose, does it continue to work at 50?
  2. I see the occasional discussion about a primary/secondary with no healing (like warmace/shield). For those with these types of sets, how do you deal with the lack of healing, especially in long tough fights? Inspirations? The healing pool? Procs? Only play in groups? How much of an issue is it and what works best?
  3. Are debuff powersets effective against AV enemies? I remember reading that AVs resist like 90% of a debuff which seems to mean that debuff sets work the least when you need them most. But... then I often see people recommend debuff sets to solo. Can I get some insight into what's what with regard to AV debuff math?
  4. I know this has to be covered somewhere but my search skills fail me. It looks like Hamidon enhancements can't be attuned, so what would happen when I exemplar?
  5. I've decided to try my hand at a scrapper and am hoping for a bit of guidance. What I'm after is a scrapper with broad-spectrum survivability (which I feel includes solid DDR), decent single target damage and a taunt aura so stuff isn't running off. Is my best bet Dark Melee and Shield or are there other combos I should look at as well? I think I've got a decent handle on how to evaluate primaries, but secondaries still have me scratching my head and trying to figure out what the percentages end up at with a finished build.
  6. The text on Terrify says it gives a to hit debuff and it takes to hit debuff enhancements but I'm not seeing any debuff numbers in mids or in the hcwiki. Can someone tell me what kind of to hit debuff numbers to expect from Terrify?
  7. On v3.0.1.9 with DB 20.1229 Building out mind/psi dominiator. Adding the sixth Ascendancy of the Dominator enhancement changes power duration to 10.25s regardless of what other enhancements have been slotted. Sample build attached. Dominator - Mind Control - Psionic Assault.mxd
  8. Trying my hand at builds for the first time and wondering how much consideration I should be giving to how they play when exemplared. Wondering how typical it is at 50 to exemplar down. So... how often do you exemplar? Does it factor in to your build decisions?
  9. Okay, but what does "in pvp" mean? Is that a pvp zone or once attacked by or attacking another player or something else?
  10. Hoping someone can help me understand what I'm looking at on the enhancement sets wiki page. Some sets are flagged as "pvp only" which I thought meant that they only dropped from pvp encounters, but then the enhancement set bonuses can display different bonuses for pvp and pve like experienced marksman. Does that mean the bonus is different when fighting in a pvp zone or during pvp combat or something else? Experienced Marksman PVE + PVP 5% Range 1.5% Health 2.5% Damage 2.25% Endurance 2.5% Ranged Def
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