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  1. feel stupid now ...went to check another of her range power and it has Apocalypse in it exactly why it was not working ! tyvm for the enlightment
  2. she also bought another one Apocalypse Damage/Recharge lvl 50 same result the only one working is the Rech/Acc i used an unslotter and same result one works the 2 others can't do nothing.any input would be appreciated.
  3. the first one she slotted is Apocalypse Rech/Acc lvl 50 it went in her charge bolt no problem .éthe other one is Apocalypse Damage/endurance reduction also lvl 50 and the toon is a lvl 50 . as soon as u go to get the enh all her power trays go grey .i even unslotted the one she had slotted and same result all grey
  4. wife got 2 different apocalipse recipe she then crafted them then put 1 in her range power when she tried to put the second one it did not work why???
  5. download done now 64 bit is workin' perfectly with my logitech f310 and so is my wife thank you very much !! 🙂 you rock !!!!
  6. put my dual action in it and now all is a-ok thx
  7. just did what u said and went on the 32 bit and guess what ???? i love u guys IT WORKS !!!!!! but the 64 bit gives me an error "code execution cannot proceed because MSVCP140.dill was not found
  8. i have the 3 option as "default" "joystick" and "original" which is the one i am using in safe mode and it works perfectly if i try to use the 32 or 64 bit when i go in keymapping and click to make my controller work it just does not work ... at all it is like i am not touching any key on my controller
  9. hope you can fix my problem .my wife and i can only play in safe mode since it is the only place the game recognize our f310 logitech controller the 32 bit and 64 bit don't .And playing with the keyboard ias not an option for us. plz help and thanks . btw a friend of ours has the same issues except he uses and xbox controller ..again thanks for any help...:)
  10. with the end soon of safemode is there anything to be done with the 32 bit or 64 bit client not recognising my f310 controller ??? playing with w s a d for me or my wife is not an option that is why we need a patch or whatever i don't know what so we can continue using our controller ..my friend has the same issue but with the xbox controller . plz help. thank you
  11. i play in safe mode because the 32 bit or 64 bit doe not recognise my logiteck f310 controller and can not play by the keyboard.is there anyway it can be fix?
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