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  1. slopike


    Definitely:) I know that there is one that has a metallic sheen that you can make silver. I think that there is even one that can do the bands.
  2. I was a diehard player back in the ncsoft days and made some great friends. I only learned of it coming back a few months ago and started playing. Been playing for almost 3 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you homecoming team for bringing it back and keeping it going and sticking to your goal of this being a true homecoming:)
  3. I don't know if it is a permanent fix but I ran tequila again and after it validated all the files I hit play and it seems to be working again. Hope that helps.
  4. Finally found out that this awesome game is back and now I am getting the same error with the unnamed server issue. Hope to be able to play it again soon!
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