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  1. I would also appreciate the IO slotting overview. I love the "Basic Slotting" notes in the Powers section. I wish more guides would do that, especially when a power has multiple uses (Fear vs To Hit Debuff on Fearsome Stare). It's nice to know when an effect is worth slotting for and when not.
  2. Kind of lampooned in The Tick as every leap is shown damaging the buildings he lands on.
  3. I always liked the "Miss" --> "Mis-" puns. I have "Miss Use of Power" (Mace/Shield brute) and "Miss Use of Force" (Energy/Devices Blaster). Back on live I had a few "Tad"s . My Illusion controller was "Tad Disingenuous". I also had "Tad Dangerous" and "Tad Overeager".
  4. I was wondering if Mids has any way to enter notes about a build or even a specific power. It would be pretty handy to be able to make a notes about slotting, or swapping out a power choice, or other thoughts about a build.
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