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  1. Something else you could do is add these folks to your friends list in-game with the /friend command, and you’ll be notified when they are online. The syntax for a character named ABC would be: /friend ABC
  2. Hello there! Aside from the build discussion, I am obligated to point out that per the HC User Agreement, all players must be age 13+ to access the game. Please see section 5 of the agreement at the link below: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/user-agreement/
  3. Removed several off topic and non value added posts. Stay on topic please and do not post memes or emoji replies.
  4. Topic locked. Not a productive line of discussion, per the code of conduct.
  5. Several posts have been removed. Keep it civil, constructive, and on topic folks.
  6. Manticore isn’t too bad but can be tricky. Countess Crey is an ambush so will spawn next to you after her voiceover, so if you move away from Hopkins to another room you can fight here 1 on 1 before going back for him. The tricky part depending on AT and build is that Hopkins is very resistant to some damage types, and the Countess has fairly strong mez and does high psi damage. Not a big deal with a team, but solo it’s something to think about.
  7. Hmm looks like “concrete shoes” the Family might use. You can see the leg holes in the top... 😛
  8. Everyone please stay on topic.
  9. Stop the jabs and name calling folks. if you can’t constructively add to the conversation and stay on topic, don’t post.
  10. The differences are in the thread from the Beta launch. The core design goals are just under the first graphic.
  11. The end. In the future, please keep it: On topic Civil Constructive
  12. Topic locked. Issues include: Duplicative topic as an existing active thread Derailed into non-value added gifs and memes
  13. Thread locked, folks. There were two warnings from staff to stop the bickering. Keep things civil and productive going forward please.
  14. Welcome back to the game! So glad you found us!
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