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  1. To clarify, the theme has been revised as described in this thread, replacing the previously announced Praetorians theme. The October 17th date was incorrect in the February post. Saturday, October 16th is the correct date for the Fall contest.
  2. 👀 Incognito Costume Contest! 👀 We have a tricky one for you this time! For the Homecoming Fall costume contest, bring your best rendition of something disguised as something else! Is it a wolf in sheep's clothing, or maybe an alien trying to look human? Bring out your Halloween season creativity! As usual, the prizes are MASSIVE! Also be sure to stick around after the contest... Once the treats are handed out there may be tricksters up to no good! When is the contest? October 16th @9pm UTC 9pm UTC is: 10pm UK time 5pm Ea
  3. Please stay on topic and away from politics.
  4. I agree, things were insulting and were removed, including replies. Be excellent to each other.
  5. I’ve removed several posts getting into politics. Let’s not go there please.
  6. Watch the tone folks. I’ve removed several posts; keep it constructive please.
  7. Two clarifications — the first is I’m a Lead GM (one of several), not a developer. I don’t work with game code, I enforce the Code of Conduct. The second is the same Code of Conduct clearly outlines the HC policy on what we do and do not discuss: Please also be aware that if you report another player we will not discuss the actions that we take against them (if any) with you. Any actions taken are only discussed with the player in question and are considered confidential unless that player requests otherwise. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/code-of-conduc
  8. Hey everyone! This was a really tough contest with TONS of great entries! The choice for Overall Winner was especially tough but one contender has prevailed! 🏆Overall winner: Le Savant d'Ombre🏆 Reunion: Winner: Le Savant d'Ombre Finalists: Aesop, TechniKali, Neptune Rex, BabaJadwiga Excelsior: Winner: Pixie Grandma Finalists: Treeguard, Snarke, Gnomen Gladiator, Dreameater Torchbearer: Winner: Golden Griffin Finalists: Belator Djinn, Ball of Fu
  9. The conversation is no longer constructive and some posts needed to be removed, so locking this thread. The overall winner and photos will be published soon in a separate thread. Also in regards to the judging process, please see my previous statement from the original post, quoted above.
  10. I sent you a PM. For anyone else with the same question, if you click the "Support" option in the header navigation, you can see and reply to your support requests.
  11. Please PM me the support ticket numbers so I can review them. If further problems have happened since, please add that info as well. If anyone receives inappropriate or abusive communications from another player, please take the following steps: - Tell them in no uncertain terms to stop. This means not as part of “in character” dialog but player to player. - Place them on Global Ignore - Take screenshots of the inappropriate communications or save the chat logs, and submit them with a support request. We take these situations very ser
  12. Absolutely! Creative interpretations like mashups and modernization/futurism are welcomed!
  13. Haha my whisper capability is exactly the same as yours! To the suggestions forum! But yes, I 100% agree. I even pass up venom grenade and go mace-only just to avoid redraw. ☹️
  14. I love Banes but am pretty ambivalent on Poisonous Ray. It does good damage... eventually. The DoT is the main downside as it seems to mostly get negated by subsequent attacks and teammates. It’s nice for runners and for AVs/monsters/etc. but meh for everything else IMO.
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