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  1. That looks like the ludo power - rocks are his friends 😄
  2. Offensive weapon types Deer Horn Knives (Chinese) Deer horn knives also known as crescent moon knives or duck blades are specialized Chinese bladed weapons consisting of two steel crescents crossing. Wind-and-fire wheels are melee weapons wielded as a pair, associated with Chinese martial arts visually, they are similar to throwing weapons, but they are not. Kusarigama - I imagine that they could be coded a bit like whip I would prefer to see them stand alone without the MM pets as an option though. I also like the idea of s
  3. Hello, I would like to suggest that the descriptions (only) for the inherent powers be gender neutral. (If possible without breaking them or the game?) I haven't checked all builds but know Tanker, Brute and Defender so far have 'he' while blaster, scrapper, corrupter, dominator are all gender neutral or instead of saying 'he/him' say ie: The blaster, or The Corrupter This is an example of Tanker inherent Gauntlet description Although many may try, few can withstand the irresistible force of the Tanker. Each time a Tanker attacks, he enrages the target, and those
  4. A long time ago in issue 7 There was an update to AV's which made them impossibly hard to kill and took a long time, they were super buffed. This was before incarnates, people complained so much about the AVs being so hard to kill that they changed them back. I thought it was kind of fun but -regen was definitely needed and I seem to recall a bunch of rad's being rolled out because of this change. They were changed back to more manageable levels shortly after. If this is ever instituted maybe go back to that level of arch-villain/arch-hero? if that's the right word for the hero version of
  5. 🙂 May be a slight problem with the names if they have any of their hair or wigs trademarked under their names. 😮 ❤️ big hair
  6. I wanted to add the request/suggestion of long skirts like the sorcerers have? Those would be nice on any gender.
  7. Hello, Suggestions here and I don't even know if some of these would be even possible. Would some more belts be possible for female characters like the V option that have them coming down into the groove of the buttocks over their pants/tights a bit? Would it be possible to create capes that were a bit shorter than the short capes we have now? Like the fringe back bandana looking short cape, look just a tad bit longer than that one but not as long as the 'short' cape option available now. Could you add some more designs for tights both tops and bottoms
  8. Welcome back, I think that the forums had PSL saying hi on them somewhere. and welcome the Tempest Legion? I could be wrong but thought there were a few Legions on Justice and Hello I'm @Zappalina
  9. I like storm the only thing I notice at low levels without ios is that thunderclap uses almost too much endurance to activate when running normal game play unless I plan on it. I love everything else about it It would be nice if 02 could hit more than one of my team mates character at a time
  10. Hi, There is also this thread for Justice if you want to mosey over and say hi? https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/16-this-is-justice/?tab=comments#comment-109
  11. Hello, I had a character named Zappalina on the Justice sever, who was an Invulnerability/stone Tanker and I had a few other alts on Justice. I sometimes played on Freedom (hero) Virtue (villain). I'm not currently playing, I am downloading the game this evening and reading the forums. I'm look forward to playing again in the near future. My SG on Justice was inherited from a character Red Pyre the original founder and was called Stockton Group. I recognized Hellsminion, you were part of our SG. Along with Velara and Megami & others. We were coalition members with DROW,
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