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  1. Ice Melee is so darn good. Go with that. I don't love Electric Armor, but I'd go Ice/Elec out of your options. Ice/Bio seems better though, and can cover far ends of the spectrum from defensive to offensive
  2. Maybe a merit bonus, like the WST, but for zone missions? This week it's Skyway City, and you can get 1 merit per mission completed in Skyway, up to 10. It's not adaptive, but it's an incentive for higher level players to revisit low level zones and help some lowbies along.
  3. I like the premise here. The world feels most alive when some zone level events are happening, not inside mission instances. I'd like to see some dynamic zone characteristics that pull people into low traffic areas. What if you couldn't initiate task forces inside zones that have been "overrun?". Not much traffic in Croatoa, need to clear out some fir blog or no access to Katie Hannon.
  4. I completely forgot about Legacy Chain, it's been so long since I played red side. I always liked the Luddites too.
  5. Do people really need it to double stack? Just make it perma-able with some IO investment, but not stack. The set is plenty strong with one stack of rage. Give it a larger upfront endurance cost rather than any kind of crash.
  6. The weeds are attempting to pull me in...those plant Dom's are OP. I think it's a good idea. Regardless of where you stand on pronoun usage, I've seen a number of Tankers that were clearly female.
  7. I would just lean towards working it into the team ui instead of on screen. Things can be hard to see in this game, but I can always tell if someone's health bar turns bright pink or hatch marked or something.
  8. Bumping to propose an idea for hazard zones. I do think the hazard zones feel wasted, and like there's a good opportunity to revamp them and get some variety of location. I was thinking....could we create events, like rikti invasion, wherein the inhabitants of the hazard zone are making an organized push through the gate and only the heroes of paragon city can stop them? A message comes over the broadcast "Security has been overrun in Boomtown, the gates are under attack." Multiple leagues may be needed to cover all the gates in each zone, and the event is failed if one
  9. So toggling on infiltration detoggles Energy Cloak on my brute, and vice versa. Not sure how it's working with Cloak of Darkness, Field Operative, etc. Or area stealth buffs like Arctic Fog, Steamy Mist, etc. But I wasn't expecting the exclusivity with Energy Cloak. Seems like a bug?
  10. It's also a matter of resource availability and time needed to work on the overhaul the set needs. I'm cool with fixing the "bug", it's just not worth upsetting the people who are currently enjoying the set to fix it now, and then have a revamp comes x months later. Make it part of the larger revamp rather than an iterative adjustment. No one is exploiting the the 100% crit chance. Those kin stalkers sent running farms, soloing itfs, or otherwise pushing to new limits of performance.
  11. Leave Kinetic Melee alone on stalkers. It's already and underperforming set, and kicking it while it's down doesn't seem healthy to me. If standardization is a goal, that's fine...but just put that line of code in when the entire set gets the revamp it needs, or when stalker aoe as whole is improved. I think doing it now, ahead of either of those other goals just punishes the few people playing it for no apparent reason. Call it political, but sometimes just maintaining a positive perspective for the players is a better choice.
  12. Happy Days. The Shark ate Fonzie.
  13. This one's been jiving with me lately. Eddie Money - I Wanna Go Back o0JqC2UDpoE
  14. People will take Eagles Claw if it was actually a good power too. I like the animation as well, though, so it could also just hit hatter to justify the animation time. CAK is currently the best single target attack in the set. I'd rather not rework it unless Eagles Claw also got a rework. Changing either Cobra strike or Crane kick, as you suggested, makes more sense to me since they are numerical clones of each other.
  15. Based on the updates Dark Melee and Energy Melee both got recently, I think Martial Arts definitely should be looked at next. I don't really want to see another combo system or builder/spender mechanic though. A faster eagles claw seems necessary, but aside from that I think Focus Chi should be turned into something more than a traditional build up. Maybe make it splash some aoe energy (chi) damage around your target, in like an 8ft radius. That would give the set a bit more aoe without forcing a change to the single target attacks.
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