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  1. This is tough. I think the armor selection is slightly easier. You're really looking at Sr, ninjitsu, and possibly willpower. Neither are very elemental, but the elemental armors are resistance based not dodge (defense) based. All three of those options perform well, so pick what you like the best. I want to say Kinetic melee, styled the elemental colors, but it sounds like you're not going to like the animation times. So I'm going to agree with the above poster and say psi Melee. But... I also agree that it's better on a stalker.
  2. I've decided to do bio armor with mine. Ive played it already on a spines/bio scrapper, and it's a great offensive set. I wasn't sure I wanted to make another character with it, but ultimately I was too curious how durable I could get it to be on a tank while still being in offensive adaptation.
  3. Upshot from the tactical arrow set has a nice little bonus to recharge that I really like. That could work here. I wonder if there is a way to decrease animation times while under its effect. That could be super fun for martial arts.
  4. Aoe and cone heavy sets would appear to have the most to gain. However, last I read Titan Weapons was largely unaffected, so not that set. To me, claws becomes interesting due to Spin, eviscerated, and Shockwave. Spines, fire, ice, and staff can also leverage the changes pretty well. Old classics like broad sword, axe, and mace will also have new life. On the flip side, sets like dark Melee, martial arts, and steet fighting would seem to benefit less from the aoe changes but will still benefit from the base damage increase
  5. Just curious (I haven't played tanks a lot or at a high skill level), do mobs resist Taunt at all? Or does it have a magnitude scale like CC? Or is it just automatic?
  6. KelvinKole

    ??? /claws

    I have an urge to roll up a claws toon and leaning towards a Tank to play with the upcoming changes. I'm having a tough time deciding on a primary. I really wanted to do Shield, but it's incompatible with claws. I have a bio scrapper, I have a rad stalker and rad Brute. I have an electric armor tank already. I played dark armor to death on live. I won't do stone armor, I've tried. That leaves super reflexes, ice armor, willpower, invuln, and fire. Do any of these have any inherent synergy with claws? I don't think so, but might be missing something. How bad is fire armor for overall game play? Will it be extremely fragile? I'm nervous do to super reflexes with no heal in the secondary. Is that not an issue? HELP
  7. Nin is a stalker original powerset. It was introduced at CoV launch and only stalkers had access to it. So a few of the powers, though perhaps gimmicky these days, were created for the original playstyle of stalkers. The set has since been ported to other archetypes, with changes to make it more scrappy, but stalkers in general are a lot scrappier now then day one. It's impressive that the set is even still relevant, let alone performing as well as it does. I think it would be top tier if buffed in any way, and I'd welcome it for this artifact of stalker history.
  8. I have this combo on a Brute, so I'm speaking from that experience. It's tough, very tough. But, with no inherent defense and no defense debuffs resistance, you will need to rely on your healing to outpace some incoming damage. 90% of content is a non issue. Resist caps are easier to hit on tanks and you should be able to cap everything with set bonuses. My Brute has some holes to cold, psi, and negative iirc.
  9. I spent a fair bit of time with Guild Wars 2. I played the original a lot before I ever tried CoH and had to try the sequel even after CoH was shut down. Comabt in GW2 is different than CoH but does have a very action heavy feel to, with a sense of weight and with an emphasis on positioning. The Engineer class was my favorite and probably because his skills had the most tactile feel to them. Hammer Guardians were also great.
  10. I'd like to see the rescue mechanic changed so that rather than a lead out objective, the ambushes spawn at your location for 2-3 waves. A lot of people just avoid rescue missions when running radio missions because defeats and glowies are faster. I think a couple waves of ambushes at the hostage would level things out.
  11. I think I look at this differently. While I'd love new content, I don't really think the answer is to make the enemies harder. As someone else mentioned, the hard content is there and people mostly avoid it. Making the rewards better for that content might help shove some people in that direction, but I think people will just stick with what they like. I.e. AE farming and PI missions. I really think the answer is a rework to the IO system. I've seen suggested a few times that offense and defense bonuses should be decoupled from the same set, so people have to choose which way to go. This could work. I also think the cap on like kind/number bonuses needs to be reduced in some places; having multiple 5% defense bonuses, or 10% recharge bonsuses is nuts. The system itself is good, but the ability to quite easily build tank mages is a problem, I think. It's a MMO afterall, it should necessitate that people need each other and the IO system, as implemented, just enables you to boost your stats a little too far on your own. Everybody running around with softcap defenses is epitome of that.
  12. Does anyone have any experience with the control core hybrid incarnate ability? I'm looking at it for my ice/ta, who often has a lot of held targets, and wondering if the chance for psi damage would provide more overall damage than assault core. Of particular interest would be how it functions with rain type effects. I can AoE hold with EMP arrow and then drop ice storm and/or blizzard; would each tick have the chance for psi damage?
  13. Intoxicated is one of my favorite status effects.
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