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  1. Wonder if a dedicated sniper would work if they gave a pet multiple copies of the same 'snipe' power but with different names. Probably just look like snipe1, snipe2, snipe3, but have the exact same stats. Just so he could continue shooting. Would require more intelligent placement I guess. Grenadier would just get the M30, Teargas, Flashbang, Toxic Web, and I guess whatever other grenade type powers there are. Figure theyd replace the generic t2 guys.
  2. Looks like good changes. Commando definitely needs help. Only thing Id be nervous about is that field specialist over seruming the other pets and causing a catastrophic debuff scenario. Im all about flavor as well, but I have no idea what it takes programming wise to make flavor changes lol. Was imagining a change that gives the Mercs some identity between them. Making it more like a Band of Brothers scenario; a sniper, a grenadier, a medic, a heavy, a regular soldier of course, maybe even a "second in command" that offers targeted buffs in the form of orders. But thats all just me spitballing.
  3. Im not super adept at the numerical details of MM. I just want to pop in and say Id like to see a boost to mercs. Just a reduction on their cooldowns and an increase to their damage would be fine. My two cents.
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