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  1. This youtube video explains it well, specifically at the 24:40 point: Death of a Game: City of Heroes To keep it simple for TLDR, it boils down to: NCSoft was mainly a South Korean company CoH only amounted to 2-4% of company revenue Their other games were fantasy MMOs, popular in the South Korean market But CoH was not significantly popular in South Korea, despite marketing attempts And it was expensive to operate the California offices for the sake of the NA market Despite earning *some* revenue, there was an opportunity cost in terms of manpower So it probably made sense to move manpower to better support their other titles
  2. Using an 8-man team doesn't sound like the project is finished. Next step is to determine whether a 7-man team can do it.
  3. I guess there are only screenshots available, and no video. Myself, I would have liked a "making of" youtube video that elaborated on the team's process, issues, etc. However, producing a video is a lot of work, so I don't fault anyone for not having it. Just a wish list thing. It would also be good to know the amount of time required for the planning, prep work, etc. As Luminara was saying, it's not really something new with respect to power creep, and is actually a point of distinction from other MMOs, where players (and their roles) are not pigeonholed into learning and performing a specific "dance" in order to achieve an optimal win, as dictated by the "community." Whether an 8-man team, or a full raid, the important aspect is that both require collaboration and coordination. For full raids, there is work involved with X number of players to advertise an event (especially when it's a regular activity), then for them to get in position early before the participants show up (assuming enough people show), organize the teams, explain/review the tactics, and signal what people should be doing at a given phase of the fight. For the 8-man team, it doesn't have the PUG aspect of random people that might need to be taught tactics. Instead, the 8-man is developing an unconventional strategy, apparently with things like Warburg prep work (to get the nukes), etc. So they had to organize themselves to complete that prep work, be fully versed in their Hami strategy, and be prepared to rework flaws in their strategy. It isn't clear whether this team had to redo their strategy, repeating their setup, etc. I'd somewhat expect a min-maxed Incarnate team to achieve success with less than a full raid, given suitable tactics. Not saying this was necessarily an Incarnate team, but it would make sense from a Lore standpoint.
  4. So people complained that the game balancing was unannounced, which didn't allow enough time for exploiting the mechanics.
  5. I'm familiar with ffxiv, and I guess that you're referring to its matchmaking system, where you can see groups that are forming, and form your own. Or form a partial group, and then let the system autofill with others that are LFG. It's a bit more manual in CoH, and I suspect that you're not seeing all of the interface, specifically Chat Window > Team > Find Member. In the thread, Finding a group, there is some good advice, plus I outline recruiting tips for easily forming your own team.
  6. Too bad someone didn't pay the $5 ($8 tops) needed to translate that professionally. Google translate (or whatever automated tool), can only give you the gist, and shouldn't be used for anything intended for publication.
  7. Saitama seems to lean more on superspeed, though. His sidekick, Genos, routinely scouts by leaping between rooftops.
  8. My characters have a light backstory, leaning towards a couple sentences (not paragraphs) in the bio. When I'm with people that are somewhat in the spirit, I'll improv in a way that is consistent with the backstory. I'd prefer to be playing the game, whilst improvising, rather than standing around. But it's situational.
  9. All Might from My Hero Academia certainly used Super Jump. Making course adjustments with mere muscle flexing, he was effectively flying/gliding.
  10. Yeah, the Combat Jumping power came to mind, as well. Daredevil Iron Fist (when Matt Murdock was unavailable, Iron Fist agreed to impersonate Daredevil and patrol the streets, leaping between rooftops) Elektra (since I already brought up Daredevil, and she seemed to tool around with Daredevil for a bit, before Bullseye killed her) Batman Beyond (the suit could fly, but also allowed jumping around) TMNT (seems like a lot of ninjas on my list) Luke Skywalker (aside from training with Yoda, I'm thinking when he was almost frozen in carbonite. I also tend to discount later Jedi users because CGI is too easy; practical effects or go home) Cyborg (New Teen Titans; he'd often be using Superjump to bound between the tops of skyscrapers) Machine Man had telescoping arms and legs, so he essentially took enormous steps, rather than jumping. However, the CoH devs stated that swinging was never implemented in CoH because "It looked weird," so I submit that the devs would have considered telescoping arms and legs to likewise "look wierd," therefore Superjump would have been the compromise in this case, from an rp-perspective. Puck was pretty agile (from Alpha Flight), though he seemed to prefer doing cartwheels. Jumpman (rocket boots to enable leaping) My sense is there are more examples out there. The problem is that, from a narrative perspective, there's a need to keep the story moving, which probably leads writers to lean towards flight. So Superman initially had great strength that allowed for great leaps, but this changed to flight, later becoming superspeed (though I'm not a fan of the "Flash" force). A particularly good example of lazy writing was the Legion of Super-Heroes, where any members that weren't able to fly would be assigned "flight rings."
  11. Total controllers: 1 Total blasters: 1 Total tanks: 1
  12. With respect to killer martial arts moves, everyone's game needs to slow down, with the view zooming in on you (from their perspective) when you fire off your ultimate technique.
  13. This sounds like the variation of Long Island Iced Tea that I'd enjoyed back on university campus, yet could never replicate. I'll give it another try.
  14. When posting items, I recall commas being added to the UI after people complained about making such mistakes. Happened fairly frequently.
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