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  1. I’ve been WISHING for an epic power pool for controller that makes SENSE for a Plant or Nature themed character. Currently, they are sadly lacking (to me). I mean there is Stone, but that is not really a living, breathing epic. So I'm with Spectre7878 and Tyrannical in wanting a plant-based epic. I've tried to balance things out, either by shortening the duration of a power or not giving it damage. I'm not sure I've gotten it right, but something along these lines would be greatly appreciated. Nature’s Wrath (Controller Epic Power Set) Thorn Bolt: Single Target Ranged, Moderate DMG (Lethal/Toxic) End Cost: 10.2, Recharge: 8 seconds, Range: 60, Cast: 1.13 seconds, To-Hit: -10% (Tgt), Resistance: -15% Description: Thorn Bolt does moderate lethal damage to a single foe then poisons them with a moderate toxic damage over time. This poison eats into them reducing their to-hit and resistance. Animation: I was thinking the animation from the Widow’s Lunge attack might work well for this, though this is longer ranged than that attack. Nature’s Embrace: Self Rez, Absorb, Recovery, Regeneration Recharge: 240 seconds, Duration: 30 seconds, Cast: 1.25 seconds, HP: 35.13% (Self), Recovery: 150% (Self), Regeneration: 250% (Self) Description: You call upon nature’s powers to heal you in your time of direst need. Pulling power from all the life around you which raises you to full health, give you an absorb boost, increase your recovery by 1.5 times and your regeneration rate by 2.5 times for the next 30 seconds. Animation: I was thinking the animation from Earth Embrace would work, replacing the cycling rocks with leaves. Thorn Barrage: Cone Moderate DMG (Lethal/Toxic) End Cost: 13.1, Recharge: 16 seconds, Range: 40, Arc: 45 Degrees (8 targets max) , Cast: 2.13 seconds, Defense: -10% (Tgt), Damage: -15% Description: Thorn Barrage does light lethal to foes in a cone in front of you then poisons them with a moderate toxic damage over time. This poison also reduces their defense and damage potential as it weakens the target. Animation: I was thinking the animation from the Widow’s Dart Burst would serve this, maybe w/ a trail of leaves following the darts for a couple of seconds. Shell of Bark: Self +Absorb, +Res(Lethal, Cold, Smash, Toxic), Special End Cost: 19, Recharge: 200 seconds, Duration: 60 seconds (special), Cast: 0.75 seconds, HP: 50.45% (Self) Description: Your skin becomes bark-like, very resistant (like +25%) to damage from Cold, Lethal, Smash and Toxic) and gains a large Absorb ability. The resistance and absorb last for 60 seconds or until the absorb amount is exceeded at which point the protective properties of the bark shell are ablated away. This one doesn't last as long as similar powers, it is resistance based and it can be destroyed even before the duration runs out. Animation: I was thinking the animation from the Rock Armor, but reskinned to appear more wooden than rocky. Field of Brambles: Ranged (Location AoE), Minor DoT(Lethal/Toxic), Foe: -Defense, -SPD End Cost: 17.8, Recharge: 100 seconds, Range: 60, Radius: 30 (20 targets max) , Cast: 2.13 seconds, Defense: -20% (Tgt), Speed (Run, Jump, Fly): -50% Description: Causes thorny brush to spring into existence at the chosen location. The thorns pierce your enemies inflicting lethal damage as well as poisoning them. It also catches at them slowing their movement and not allowing them to defend themselves as well. Animation: I was thinking the animation from Roots, but the effect on the targets more like Time Manipulation’s Distortion Field.
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