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  1. Sup all! Nice to see some names and SGs I find familiar. Defiant was my home and thats where i had some of the best gaming years in my life! I was mainly a player in the Supernation and Evilernation led by Steve. But i also had alts in The Goonies, The Karma Police, Femme Fatales, The Echelon, The Insane Asylum......I know I'm forgetting some.....like an SG with nothing but cat people! I was in that too (Eartha Kitt) Loved all the people of that time. I did everything in the game so you may have done quests with me or PVPed with me or just hung out in Pocket D or under the Atlas statue or maybe just a powerleveling session lmao. When i think of that time it doesnt feel like a game. It felt like a past life of really being a powered up superhero or villain. great times. truly great.
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