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  1. I have to agree with those who've complained about particle spam in groups with large numbers of auras, and radiances, and just plain large-area glowy stuff. I've played in PUGs where I literally couldn't see anything but the power effects and the occasional team member or enemy, where I had to use the map to follow the team instead of just following the person in front of me. If you had the option to dial that down to a thin mist instead of an all-encompassing fog that would be great. As far as anything else, the only thing that currently comes to mind is an old request of mine -- a hockey stick option (field and ice) for War Mace.
  2. I have to shill mine... a little thing I wrote in the final days of the original game in 2012 and managed to save. Arc ID: 20705 Name: Defeat NPC Soft -Save the World! Author: @LooneyToons Description: The end of the world is coming - let's fight back against the cause: The evil executives at NPC Soft, who have sworn to tear down both the City of Heroes and the City of Villains.
  3. I just tried to start up less than ten minutes ago, and my copy of Island Rum got caught in an endless loop of trying to download a zip file (of the update, I presume) then declaring access to the zip was denied and starting over again. And over, and over, and...
  4. I just tried to download the installer (MRB_Setup.exe) for this and had Windows Security block it for being a threat:
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