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  1. I'm actually on Everlasting, but my characters are so low-leveled I don't really mind recreating them on other servers, hehe. One of my RP friends is also redside; I just do not understand how y'all can do redside stuff without feeling guilty. 😛 But yeah, I've been working on drawing throughout the summer!! Thank you so much for the compliment. ❤️ I'll be sure to check out the Arts/Multimedia section in the meantime. Group suggestions would help a lot in case I make a redside character in the future!!!
  2. Hello! I played City of Heroes a year ago, but I went on a huge hiatus in lieu of work and school. I'm pretty excited to share a couple of my characters. Please feel free to shoot me a message if you would like to RP with any of them. ^^ I really enjoy Discord RP, am on the lookout for SGs that may suit my characters, and am willing to try out in-game RP (it's kinda clunky to me but I'll try it HAHA). I am always looking to develop characters and partake in arcs, so... don't hesitate! (pls, i'm new and shy) SWAN "I'm with Paragon News; I have some questions for you. Could you spare a moment?" Name: Xuan "Swan" Liu Alignment: Blue-leaning Civilian Occupation: News reporter and journalist Ethnicity: Chinese Powers: None, except for having a 110 WPM count Backstory: A rather average news reporter with a keen eye for investigative journalism. She is always seeking a nearby scoop to attain a breakthrough in her career. Her end goal is not career-oriented, though, as Swan is attempting to uncover the truth behind her sister's kidnapping from years ago. However, Swan would find that the truth lies a much darker, sinister secret lingering within Paragon City's dwellings since time immemorial... Extra arts here! URBANE "Is anyone here a challenge?! Also, you got a dollar? For a slushie." Name: Marco Ramirez Alignment: Kinda Shady Blueside Hero Occupation: Ex-urban planner, full-time superhero (ehhh kind of) Ethnicity: Half-Hispanic, Half-Caucasian Powers: Summoning dimensional pockets, super strength (Titan Weapons/Willpower) Backstory: Marco Ramirez lived a rather dull life on a day-to-day basis as a city planner. Wake up, go to work, do the paperwork, and get wasted afterwards. Realizing that most of his creative decisions was left to the hands of politicians and high-ranking superheroes, he resented his career and identity. However, after a near fatal car collision with a drunk driver, Ramirez was saved by a private government operation to transform civilians into superpowered soldiers. Realizing life's transient nature, he set out to do some good for the world and live for his own passions (sort of, if you count pseudo-illegal underground superhero fighting rings to be a passion). Able to reach into the spatial recesses of his conscience, he can summon specific objects from a dimensional rift, be it stop sign, railroad crossing sign, or... subway train. Extra arts here!
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