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  1. I had a energy/fire blaster called Instagib on live. Loved that name.
  2. Well I have a 50 illu/rad controller. mostly io slotted. Im looking for an sg to do some endgame contend and just have some fun. Im 41y old and living in Belgium. Kris
  3. I play a few days a week 3 - 4. Usualy 2 - 3 hours. Mostly on wednesday and in the weekends. It depends on the wife and kids. I stopped playing when the io sets and ah where introduced. I like playing in groupes, etc.
  4. I just started playing again after 5years. Im from belgium (Europe). I have a lvl 50 Illu/rad controller Rufus Geiger. My global name is Wayne Statix.
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