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  1. Yeah I only 6 slotted for the bonus. I was curious what the results would be, not realizing it would cancel the teleport. I also tested it with a "chance for kb" and a "kb to kd" io at the same time. Its the same result. No teleport, and wormhole still does kb even with the "kb to kd" io. I guess the kb proc overrides the kb to kd io.
  2. Title basically. When the chance for KB IO procs (which is nearly every time), it nullifies the teleport aspect of wormhole. The result is basically what you would get from using gale, the enemies are just knocked back away from the player. I can upload a better quality video if needed.
  3. I've got a dp/martial blapper that's tons of aoe and fun. I felt it fit my concept better than nin, and I wasn't too impressed with the critical aspect of nin like I thought I'd be. I can only do +3x8 farms though. Very flashy. 43% def to melee, 42% to ranged. 65% res to s/l and like 45%res nrg/neg. I didn't want to just S/L cap, because although I often hear most attacks in the game are s/l based, I always seem to get stomped in any content that isn't council if I try that route.
  4. I just built a dp/mc blapper that is so much fun. 39% def to melee/range with like 70% mez res and 70% s/l res. I can solo +2 x8 anything that doesn't give a -def debuff. I'm looking for a better build though, I just haven't looked into it.
  5. My invuln/staff is pretty much unkillable now that it's completely IOd out. Staff doesn't completely fit the theme I was going for so I've been debating going TW/invuln brute. I feel like the tank is so...umm..tanky (with IOs), that it would still perform fine as a brute but with way more damage. My problem is getting more energy/negative res on mids.
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