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  1. This is exactly what I was hoping for! Thank you!
  2. Thanks guys for the replies. @Lines, Glad you got to see some of the decent aspects of CO. And you're right though, about the multiple currencies thing, it is very confusing and I'm glad CoH has much fewer currencies. That's always a red flag for me, it seems like a ploy in any freemium game to muddle the true value of one's purchase with multiple currency types. Also good point about CoH dabbling in microtransactions, I wouldn't be surprised that if it did stay around, if it wouldn't have gotten just as bad as CO did. @Marine X Thanks for the tip about the graphics se
  3. There are quite a few posts on here with players sharing their experiences with these two games, and I've really enjoyed reading the varied opinions. For what its worth, here's mine. There are a lot of aspects of CO that I haven't seen discussed here, so I'll try to mention some things that I haven't seen discussed here yet. Before I say anything else, thank you to everyone in this community who has contributed to this miraculous revival of CoH! I seriously never thought I'd be able to try this game out and doing so has been a dream come true. You guys are doing God's work.
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