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  1. Sorcery Power Set - Enflame is super bugged on multiple levels. 1- If you got to change the colors of the power you have three options: Original, Bright, and Dark. If you select Bright or Dark, it REMOVES the flames from under the target (see screenshot proof). You can even see if in the color selector screen as well. It completely removes the graphics. If it's going to remove the graphics then it should be renamed to "Minimal FX Bright" and "Minimal FX Dark" because as you can see, it removes the graphics. 2- If you change the colors of the power, it completely disables the power (in addition to removing the graphics). The little icon next to the players name the Enflame is cast on lasts for about 3 seconds and then it's gone. It's 'pose to last for multiple sets of 3 seconds. Instead, if the graphics are not there it lasts for only 3 seconds and it's gone. So changing the colors on this power completely disables it.
  2. 1- First off the value of End Recovery is 'pose to increase based on the toughness of the target. However that doesn't work. If you pit a LT. instead of a Minion, it gives you the EXACT SAME buff. So that's bugged. 2- Slotting does nothing. I put two slots END MOD on Victory Rush and it gave me the EXACT SAME value as before 2 slotting it. So that's bugged. 3- Now I'm stuck with 2 slots that do nothing. So I thought, I'll put Recharge Time on them to increase how often I can use it. Wrong... nope... it also does not accept Recharge time. So it's bugged (nothing you can do to change the value of the buff given) and if you slot it there's nothing useful you can put on it to make it more useful. The literal only way you can get the value to change is to target a downed Boss. That's it. Super bugged.
  3. Missing the second L in S-K-U-L-L-S.
  4. I love the Blazing Aura (under Aura> Path). But I don't want it going off when I'm walking/running. Only when I'm flying. The only option I have is "movement". Could you add a Flight only option?
  5. Right now there's no way to know how many points you have in Absorption numbers. You can see the little bit of silver over your green bar, but you can not see the actual number. They should appear in the Powers > Combat Attributes window along with your Max Hit Points and other similar stats. Could you please add them?
  6. Absorption Numbers do not show up in the Powers> Combat Attributes window. They should appear under Base along with your Max Hit Points and what-not. But they do not appear.....
  7. Except the actual Tank that was on the team died.... so i guess he's not the best tank either. Except I outlived him (the tank) and kept fighting long long long after he died.
  8. I've discovered (by accident, just playing) that the best, most powerful tank in the game is a Bio Armor Stalker. My stalker never gets hit. I mean never gets hit. I did a TF the other night and I would go several missions in a row and never get hit. Not once. And when I did get hit I took very little damage. Also ran a couple games with a dedicated tank, and we had multiple total party kills. Every died.. _EXCEPT ME_, I was up and running each time the tank and entire team had already been wiped... happened several times. With the Bio Armor Stalker you can make a nearly unstoppable tank that also does extreme damage. So I looked at the stats. My Stalker has 11-50% on DEF, and 49% on DMG RES (see stat screenshots). So if you want to make a nearly unstoppable tank, make a the bio-armor stalker
  9. This is similar to my post requesting a Minimal FX version of Ablative Carapace. But yeah, you would think the option to _remove_ graphics would be easy to implement because you are just taking away code.
  10. Female characters do not have the same "Spectrum" custom options that male characters have. 1- You can not select just "Tights" for the lower half because that's not an option. You have to select "Tight Pants" instead, and there's no Spectrum option for that. 2- The only way you can get the Spectrum look is to select, "Skirts/Shorts" so you are FORCED to wear something over the Spectrum look. Something male characters are _not_ required to do. 3- For the boots there are no "Spectrum" look options at all for females, so you have to show "flesh color" and it just looks wrong. Can we get this fixed so it's the same for female characters as it is for male characters?
  11. Currently we have a Minimal FX version of Hardened Carapace. Which is really nice for those of us who want to play Bio-Organic Armor WITHOUT all the giant weird shell stuff on our characters (especially when it does not fit our story). So we have a Minimal FX version of Hardened Carapace, where it just does not show the shell. But when you get to Ablative Carapace, there's no Minimal FX version, so on the screen you see this GIANT shell structure complete engulf your character and then they break out of it. Even when that does not fit the story for your character at all. Since we have a Minimal FX version of Hardened Carapace, could we also get a Minimal FX version of Ablative Carapace?
  12. Can you give some instructions on how to do a clean uninstall?
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