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  1. I totally support this suggestion. What we usually end up doing is like use team and league chat and adding the new person who comes and try to talk to us. (this doesn't work always in clubs to due different alignments)
  2. Of course if you have no interest in RP at all, then leaving Everlasting shouldn't really be a big loss. However if you do like to RP, most RP'ers tend to be on Everlasting. For me usually the best way to avoid harassment is to stay away from pocket D. I rarely ever get any harassment outside of that location in particular. Someone should go talk to DJ Zero that they should keep a better eye out on the place they own.
  3. I remember old rules dating back two years said the very more relaxed with guidelines with tells, but supergroup and team chat they were not monitoring acticely, but would still be looked at as it had been local. In my opinion team chat should be more relaxed than tells in general. Because there's no way to give consent to tells or withdraw it other than to put the person on ignore. In team chat you can always withdraw your consent and leave the team chat. And people need to accept the invite before you can actually talk to them in team chat. To give a tell you don't need permissio
  4. I expect it wasn't really meant to be used as an info bubble in the first place. That it was a bubble meant to tell people you were afk and you could input a message. if someone sent you a tell and might not be able to see your bubble it got sent to you. Say you set youir afk message to "AFK, making dinner" for instance. Would explain to people why you are not answering them. So I think the purpose was always to give people a a heads up that you were not around and you could input an explanation to you absense too. So it probably was intended to be a phone answering machine...
  5. Yeah I have a lot of my characters have that message above their head when speaking... maybe if we were give something other to use then afk message that didn't trigger auto tell... or just yeah simple function to turn off auto tells would be nice... another issue is if two players both using the afk message ends up messaging each other because then it might end up going in a loop
  6. It was a fun event. For the purpose of the event I stuck to two of my lesbian characters. I tried to get in time for the singles contest with my nonbinary character dressed up in a costume representing the colors, but I was unfortunately too late for that one 😞 Considering almost all my characters are LGBTQ, I'm likely going to end up making more or working on those I have making more awesome characters in the future.
  7. I was there, but was out late
  8. I heard I got an honorable mention as Curium, but was unsure about when/if/how prices would be delivered. If I would recive something in my mail box or what
  9. I'm unsure about the bio contest, as pretty much all my characters are LGBTQ. Is it just the best bio for that one? Sexuality are usually just a character trait and not part of the concept, hence not even mentioned in the bio unless it is super relevant for the background info. Only character profile I have that is LGBTQ related is about a character who was born in a time when being gay was not accepted, then waking up in a new time where it is more accepted then it was 70 years earlier. Because of the time she grew up in, it's more important for the background than other than being a superher
  10. I know. Just I need to remember to do it XD I wonder if those powers only activate while you are using travel powers now, though. But then again stuff like afterburner didn't work if you were not already flying anyway? I can't remember
  11. Wow a lot of updates. I need to fix up my travel powers now, but getting another power for free is never a bad thing. Just would likely want it out of the tray. And the thing that always annoyed me and made me feel vonourable. I can now finally use rocket board and skif and still keep my powers and toogles.
  12. The fact that the GM's actually responded to this and made clarity that ERP is allowed under certain circumstances, it would be nice to not risk getting banned for breaking a rule for ERP'ing with non-human species. And it is not about dancing around the bounderies. It's about being able to say not needing to make a glitching outdated robot that's running on Windows 3.10 system. It's about not getting banned for your 100 year old character to be underage. I am trying to avoid getting unfairly banned because the GM's consider my character to be underage, when
  13. Ok. Since the mention of underage (age of 18) have been mentioned. Is that like a totally set rule? Say, you play non-human characters who age either faster or slower than humans. Would adult age for their species be good enough, or is the 18 age for all creatures. Robots need to be 18 year old (and probably be very outdated technology) Elves need to be 18 (though in their case they may need to be 100+ since they claim adulthood a the age?) Changelings reach adulthood at the age of 15 (does that count?) Cats reaches adulthood at... idk age of 2?
  14. You could make an alt version just to show up... or make a brand new one and say hi ^^
  15. And there were no rules regarding how to dress?
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