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    All Day Farm Fest... Let's Get That Bread!
  2. Thank you so much!! You're awesome and I appreciate the awesomeness that is you!
  3. so i am thinking that perhaps i sent the email to "Yomo" as opposed to "@Yomo"....??? however the email i sent today was sent to "@Yomo"
  4. @Idego is my global @HawkPerson & @Riply are my guildies! (who I told to Email you, though i am unsure if they did or not??)
  5. So, I emailed @Yomo this past wednesday and have not heard back... I think it's safe to assume that maybe that Owlbear got him?
  6. Hi! I am returning to CoH/CoV after almost a decade, and I am absolutely over the moon at the fact that the community is just as amazing as I remember! I will be emailing you in game, as well as a friend of mine who has never played before. We will certainly be putting the infamy to good use! Thank you for doing what you do!!!
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