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  1. The Argonauts Welcome to The Argonauts' Supergroup Base. SG Leader: Argonism Global Handle: @Crack-Shot Supergroup: The Argonauts Shard: Reunion Base Passcode: TheArgonauts-3899 Builder/Contributer: Argonism (@Crack-shot) Facilities enjoyed by our members include: Teleportation to most destinations within Paragon City and The Rogue Isles, including cooperative zones Access to a Pillar of Ice and Flame for flashback missions Ample base storage, salvage racks, personal secure vault storage and invention crafting facilities Reward Merit ATMs Secure holding facilities for apprehended individuals Impressive support from Vanguard and Hero Corps We hope that you will enjoy your visit! Our fleet of Flyer/Interceptors stand ever-ready to provide aerial support and mission transportation when requisitioned Apprehended Hostiles awaiting due process in our Secure Holding Facility PortalCorpsTM Technology power our main extra-dimensional portal which is permanently manned with support from Vanguard and HeroCorps. A strong Vanguard and HeroCorp presence stand ready to receive hostile invaders, whether terrestrial or extra-dimensional There is much more to see, but further images have been deemed [ Classified ] Access to The Argonauts' Supergroup Base has been made available using the Passcode "TheArgonauts-3899" Visitors will be warmly received and once they have undergone Security Clearance they will be made eligible for a tour of those facilities not directly affecting National Security. ArgonautsTM merchandising available from our gift shop We hope to see you very soon!
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