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  1. Waiting for people who are gonna complain 😄
  2. No subscription system if possible but not going crazy on microtransactions, haha. If a sub model is required then since it's an old game, try not to go overboard on the pricing
  3. Close your game client and close tequila, next time you open tequila should start updating
  4. Any combination of Electric primary or Shield secondary will be superior on a scrapper in comparison to a tank or a brute due to pseudo-pet numbers. :3 My fire/shield scrapper for example, or the favored elec/shield a lot of people like to run. Something bad would be combining two end heavy sets together without any means of end recovery (sorry Dark Armor). Playable for some especially if you pump inf into IOs, but for me, I would rather put my effort into something else.
  5. Think we really need one of the current HC devs to give us some news on this, if it's like this, then it's really not worth building any interface past tier3
  6. On my fire/shield scrapper, I normally save build up for PBAoEs/AoEs (fire sword circle which has -res proc in, fire ball, shield charge, JUST enough to fit everything in 5 seconds of Gaussian's build up), or if it's one single hard target, start of single target attack chain.
  7. First thing to do is check if the team is even aware of this, I guess, haha
  8. Were they this broken back on live or just on homecoming? I wonder if this is being looked into by the HC team...
  9. That's what I mean by a lot of work, haha. I know the models are there and you could just combine some, but the problem is asking someone to do it for free and then them putting hours into it.
  10. Here's mine for my scrapper. The pet window when I used lore power shows up just above inspirations, and when I team up, the team or league window shows up in top left.
  11. Mu Guardians have a 'power' which is 'no melee attacks'... could this prevent them from moving into melee range?
  12. Pretty much every headpiece needs a bald and short/long hair option but that's a lot of work haha.
  13. If I remember right, NPCs with what appears to be toggles when we use them actually have a click variation of it with duration time, so when it runs out, they have to activate the power again
  14. Should mention that Purple (Very Rare) and PvP set bonuses go down all the way to level 1 with you even if the power isn't available when you exemplar. This means attuning (or buying attuned) Purples is a waste of time as the level you can slot them doesn't change, the set bonuses already exemplar down to level 1 without being attuned, and if you attune them, you can't booster them. PvP IOs is a different matter due to their level requirement of 10-50, so since you can start slotting it at an early level, it may be more of an advantage for you to buy attuned version if
  15. You can just blast the dummy targets in Rikti War Zone to see if your interface procs show up. 😄
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