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  1. All of which I understand, and yet none of which answers my original question, which was, in what way does a low level crafter have lower crafting fees than a higher level crafter making the same recipe. I get the point that a lower level has arguably more logical access to lower level recipes, but they will pay the same amount to make those recipes that a higher level crafter would pay. And if I want to farm low-level recipes specifically, I personally would be more likely to do it on a character that has a ton of set bonuses in play from powers that are not being used, but are st
  2. I guess. I'm still not seeing how they 'have very low crafting fees' as compared to a higher level player. Even if they were doing content with xp disabled to generate 'free' low level recipes, that same content would be more efficiently done by a higher level toon with 50 levels of IO bonuses, either exemplaring or soloing Oro missions; in addition, the primary toon would get the badges for that content. Either character could sell the recipes directly for the same amount, with the same fees. Either character could craft the pieces for the same fees and sell them for the same amount.
  3. Of course, but that doesn't have anything to do with the level of the character crafting the enhancement.
  4. I'm not seeing this effect in-game. My level 5 has the same crafting fees as my level 50, for workbench or any other kind of recipe. They also have the same AH fees. In what way does a lowbie have an advantage as a crafter? They have less storage, less merits and less ability to generate them; and the only means of income they have is crafting and auctions. I have to give them converters or they have to buy them off market at a markup. If anything they seem like a worse choice than a 50. Am I missing something, or did the lowbie benefits change since the post was written?
  5. So much. I also began LARPing prior to MMOs, early 80s. Then for many years in ICQ, then games like Everquest, I tried to apply those live mechanics to online formats, but I could never find the same groove. Avatar movement, animations, NPCs constantly shoulder checking you... everything just looks so goofy to me. I tried VOIP awhile too, but it was also clunky. Not to mention the groundhog day nature of MMO content, and absurdities that must be ignored like swimming in plate armor or a quest giver asking literally everyone who walks by to do the same task, or dungeons full of mobs just standi
  6. Late to this but I have a few. Obsession with/worship of trivial rules Unnecessary OOC bracketing Secret Scripts: where I have a whole scene prepared and I just need you to fill the gaps between my lines Editorializing (/me wonders if she should ask about your origin) Puppeting (/me winks, and you can't help but wonder why) Personal Boundaries (/me climbs up onto your shoulder and starts braiding your hair) Physical Boundaries - someone 'tosses me a beer' when we're miles apart, as if the chat channel is some kind of alternate dimension lounge R
  7. I've always had the game installed on a non-windows path. This problem began for me around the time I disabled the 'remember account name' option.
  8. The fact is, for all I hear about healing being irrelevant in the rarified end game speed run scenario, I have never once been in a group where somebody didn't need healing; and I can count on the fingers of one hand those runs in which nobody died. Maybe I just don't have access to this mythical strata of end game (on any of my characters) but the world I live in definitely appreciates empaths and bubblers who can also contribute some dps or control or debuffs. Play your toon who can heal, heal when needed, and find a way to contribute otherwise. If you can do that, I'
  9. Yeah I was a bit glum about the ranged def but I thought if you valued F/C that much it must be essential. I'll see about trading it for ranged. Fire breath was just there in the original build. I've never actually tried it; I mostly use Rain. Same enhancements afaik. I'll check out your improvements. [Update] Yeah, I like this a lot better. Cheaper too I think. Thanks for the input 🙂
  10. I liked where Sovera went with this for the most part, and adapted it for my preferences. I prefer blasting at mid-range, so I converted it to Hover/Fly, with Afterburner for QoL improvement/oh-crap button/LotG mule option. I love my Gun Drone and I love him twice as much when I have two out with a 30 second overlap. Plus, he's getting buffed significantly, soonish. It makes my skin crawl to 6-slot Boxing/Kick but I just can't see a way around it. At least I get to see the look on that enemy's face when they swagger up to the skinny hover blaster and promptly get their teet
  11. I put in a series of bids on an enhancement (x2), and eventually got them. However, one of the prior bids keeps showing back up in the list. I keep cancelling it, but a few seconds later it reappears. I've relogged and it didn't help. Is there anything I can do about this? [Update] As of now it seems to have stopped.
  12. Is it possible for the multi-account feature to check the current server status and post a warning if the population is high enough to get in trouble for using it?
  13. Don't attempt a respec when you have pending level ups. The respec will fail and all your enhancements will disappear until you relog. Pretty scary the first time.
  14. Id prefer they either fix the bug or just flag it so the respec is unavailable while you have pending level ups. But yeah this is a lesson you only need to learn once. Pretty scary the first time 🙂
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