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  1. Before I start, THANK YOU to the Homecoming team and everyone supporting them. I love this game and love everything you have done to improve it and keep it going. btw, Sry Missed the Beta test for this>> now to EM. Order of powers seems off, as well as the Damage numbers. Personally, Shocking Grasp and Thunderstrike should be switched. 100 base dam hold as last power is very lackluster. (all other single target hits are 200 for final attack) Thunderstrike as last power seems more natural and it can now be buffed to 200 single target dam
  2. Hi Bopper, Ty for u and all the guys working on this. I spend almost as much time in mids as the game. Noticed 2 issues with Dark Melee Touch of Fear is not accepting Melee AoE's (sry if it has been mentioned) Brute - SouL Drain - says 7 max for dam bonus and in game it is 10 (for a brute at least)
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