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  1. Just tried this bind. Absolutely nothing happens when i try to Shadow step or Dwarf teleport with it. Is there a typo in it?
  2. The emergency teleporter was supposed to be infalible but it glitched. They never found out why. In an instant I was left motherless and my father without his wife. He seeks comfort in the bottle and on bars. Hearing him comming home late and drunk is bad. Having to pick him up passed out on bars is worse. Hearing him cry but refusing to share the grief is the worst! I cope by picking up my mothers mantle. I stand where others run. I fight where she fell! I do it so no other little girl wont wake up to a mother not comming home. So another father wont lose his wife. So another girl wont be losing her daddy to grief and drink. I know my father resents it and fear for me, but I have no choice. Im sorry daddy. Please forgive me. Please talk to me again. Please hug me
  3. Any chance someone could make a playable preview of theese mod sounds? Im away from the home pc for an extended time and cant unpack them to listen. Cheers
  4. Hi Back in the live servers I used to have a Archery/EN blaster which I really enjoyed. Ive been thinking about trying to recreat it it, but goinfg for the thematic full Bow set. Iยดd like some selling points on TA to replace the EN though, so please: Give me your Elavator pitch for /TA ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks
  5. In the original CoV I had this charachter. Full bio and bodyshot is in the link: http://www.virtueverse.net/wiki/Banshee_Bride I tried to remake her here, but it wasnt the same and the name was not available. I was proud of both bio and costume and it made my day when one of the Devs (running around the city as Ghost Widow) bestoved me one a (at that time elusive and hard to get) yellow title: Lady of Isle of Wight, ingame above the name.
  6. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a bind that allowed me to: Use Right Mouse to bring up the teleport targeting circles (Both when Im in Human and Dwarf form) and then execute the teleport when I click Left Mouse.
  7. NWM, I got help to make the solution ๐Ÿ™‚ Hi all Im trying to set up a bind on my Mouse Button 4 but I cant get it to work in any way. The bind I want: /bind MouseButton4 target_custom_near enemy defeated If i bind to L or to shift+rbutton, it works like a charm. But when i bind it to Mouse Button 4 nothing happens. Can someone help me out? Solution was: /bind button4 "targetcustom_near enemy defeated" Thanks
  8. When I go into Nove or Dwarf form, a fourth tab will pop up above the 3 tabs I already have open. I find it both anoying and distracting, so is there a way to prevent this from happening all the time by disabling this feature?
  9. I recently stumbled over this revival project of COH. Having played the orignal CoH/V back in the day (Stopped before architect, but not entirely sure on excatly when) I actually like to just play noramlly. Ive made a Warshade Im trying to play Triform style (Lots of faceplants involved) and has only played ShadowStars missions, TaskForces as they become available (Am done with Synapse, Positron and Yin) Its taken me to lvl 26 with no power leveling or other sheniagans. Its fun ediscovering a lot of things and becomming contronted with how much i have forgotten and how much new stuff was instated in the time from -I left till the game closed down. My only regret is not having all theinfluende my original Blaster had on Virtue, that dough would have made bying stuff so much easier ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Better doesnt mean more fun ๐Ÿ˜‰
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