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  1. Propel is still a delight. I don't do 'trollers so much any more, but I do have a grav/...something sitting around building up day job credits somewhere....
  2. A stealth in sprint? How about following someone with Sprint running at all? So often they get too far behind because they're so dumb about navigation.... The inconsistency of it is what really gets me, though. Some combat-pet NPCs can't follow me when I'm stealthed, though most can, but some non-combat NPCs can. I'd really like to see the nominally competent-to-fight ones able to follow consistently.
  3. I saw one like it just outside City Hall in Atlas Park earlier. I chalked it up to my level 2 not having been around when it was cast, and there being some issue with that and the persistence timer. Maybe true, maybe not, as to why, but that one was also not my portal.
  4. I entered a base as a teammate of someone, and the team was dissolved while I was there (by everyone else leaving). The base then wanted to kick me out, apparently - which is fair. But it kept offering me the exit menu for "Kings Row", "Kings Row 2", "Cancel", and nothing really worked. Cancel would seem to, but the menu would just pop back up. No exit back to either KR was possible. Fortunately for me, /enter_base_from_passcode did still work because of being inside a base, so I got somewhere friendlier, but the 'boot-out' should have worked.
  5. /unbind <key> That, in general, is "how do I restore..."'s answer. It's counter-intuitive, but it doesn't truly unbind - it undoes your /bind, which is different, and still "sort of" justifies the command name. It restores the default binding, in other words.
  6. In general, if it's in the options, look in the file created by the "/option_save" command to see the option names, and you can use the option-modifying commands with those. A few of them have arcane value syntax and don't work well that way, but most work like the "noxp" option. See also the "technical reference guide" (which changes its URL based on version frequently enough that I won't direct-link it) found from: http://www.shenanigunner.com/ . It has a good write-up on the options and the option-related commands.
  7. /sg_passcode <prefix> Like, in one of my cases, "/sg_passcode pon". The "system" chat channel will tell you what it turned it into (meaning, roughly, what ID number it appended).
  8. One thing I miss from other games is the ability to have a "signpost" type of object in the base. Something simple that doesn't take up lots of floor or wall space, and in particular doesn't need me to make a 60-foot banner out of individually-placed letters, but allows a pop-up message when clicked on (with a character limit, yes). Put one of those where a portal ought to be, and have it tell people something like: ((This portal should lead to the base of the Paladins of Night. If you'd like to RP that it does, use: /enter_base_from_pass_code pon-2749 when you want to go there.)) Sure
  9. It would be nice to be able to attach it to in-base portals, yes. My current work-around is a keybind to a popmenu cascade with a butt-load of destinations, just in case... but I mostly play characters who can teleport anyway, so YMMV. And maintaining the popmenu listing, and the fact that you have restart the game client to pick up changes... yeah, I'd rather be able to attach it to in-base portals, too.
  10. You mean the command /enter_base_from_passcode - or the setup to use it in a macro or bind? By now, I'm guessing you can manage the latter for yourself, given the command.
  11. Sorry, didn't see the reply before the forum move. These are the lines from my saved binds file: ctrl+lbutton "powexecname teleport$$powexecname translocation$$powexecname shadow step$$powexecname black dwarf step" alt+t "powexeclocation up:max teleport$$powexeclocation up:max translocation$$powexeclocation up:max shadow step$$powexeclocation up:max black dwarf step" Only one power can actually "execute" in a single bind, but since each of those is either interchangeable so it doesn't matter, or mutually-exclusive even to have available, it works out. Most of them fail silently, and one
  12. I'm using the equivalent for my characters, and translocate works the same as teleport - including sometimes getting a red reticle because of an irrelevant overhang. Of course, my bind also looks more complicated, because it's set up for all my characters, so it's a powexecname "chain" for multiple powers, the one of which applies will fire.... For the other part of your question: /showbind key is sometimes useful, besides the comparison of the files.
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