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  1. I also take my time to read everything and enjoy the show. I'd team with someone like you in a heartbeat. Also: you listen to Zathras. What's not to like.
  2. Extremely valuable knowledge all around! Thank you!! This gives me a better idea as to how use MMs in general, and how to customize My Beasts and Bots MMs in particular. And it makes me want to try a Thug MM, though I don't know what to pair it with. Poison? Storm? Elec? I honestly have no idea. You guys truly are rock stars! Thank you!!
  3. Hello, fellow henchmen-leading enthusiasts. I've been present in these parts of the forum as of late, showing a keen interest in the profession of sending happy little critters to do my bidding until they get exploded taking care of carefully chosen associates who expect nothing more than a strong sense of leadership. My Beast/Dark is in her mid 30s, easy to play, Animals already know which parts to bite and to be fair, summoning the unholy powers of the nether to cripple your enemies is like driving a Buick: it's never breath-taking but it's smooth, it's reliable and p
  4. I can't believe that no one on my shard thought it would be funny to call a villain "Oh noes". Well, it's taken now 😄 Edit: And, might I say, the costume randomizer really agreed with the name.
  5. Now that is just not true. I can name you at least... THREE movies that were of less quality. (Seriously I always loved that dumb movie)
  6. This man. This man knows.
  7. A timeless, beautiful classic ❤️
  8. I know that this is borderline thread necromancy but hey: -It's a sticky -MMs have necromancy as a powerset So there. I always wanted to try a bots MM and this topic made me choose Time as my secondary. Great stuff so far but the build (builds) there all date from before the latest changes, namely to travel powers. Do we have an updated version of this somewhere? I started dabbling with the build originally posted there but I still don't really master the science involved. Also: wouldn't it be smart to have one of the MM's rifle attacks
  9. Poor Bobby in Atlas Park had something to say but someone forgot to put something in her variable.
  10. 😄 😄 I made the same comparison when I talked to him. I said "You're Amazon, I'm the village grocer" 😄
  11. I'm good at the auction house game. I'm VERY good at the auction house game. None of my alts will ever need anything, I have all the inf I need. I'm just not "here's 8 billions in a fingersnap" good. You know?
  12. Dude... Where does all this inf come from. You are something else!
  13. @Sovera your dedication to your various fire tanks is commendable 🙂 I will honestly need to try one. Well, I have my Fire/Staff (my only 50 beside my farmer) but I never managed to make him functional (yes you gave me a build which I need to try). So back to stalking, this gal here is getting more levels, pretty fun to play. I'm starting to work on her defense now and I find myself starved for a complete build. What do you guys usually do? Work the build as you go, or plan straight from level 1 to level 50? Pardon my creative English, not my first language and I ju
  14. @Killerhawk When you look real quick, and I mean REAL quick, he looks like he has this epic dark beard. The Pirate-Ninja. We finally found him.
  15. Wow. this gal used to die. All the time. I tested the build at level 32 and though it's still brutally incomplete, she rocked a +0x4 Devouring Earth mission and we can agree that the DE are NOT an easy group to learn a new build. With a full build she will be a machine. Very hectic playstyle, always something to do. Though I don't think that I need to work on +rech as much as necessary on most characters. Most of her useful powers ar on a very short timer. Perhaps I could put my efforts somewhere else? But yeah, it's end-challenged, big time. Call Raven
  16. @StrikerFox seriously, THANK YOU. I really like the way you explain everything, it will help me in my future builds! Now let's see how I can improve this little guy here. Another thing: When it says "MezResist[whatever] 60%", what does it mean? I know that mezzes are usually quantified by "mag" applied but this is a flat % number so it is like ... defense? 60% of the time, the mez "misses"? Another other thing! : The 10% resist from Sovereign Right I put on my Wolves, does it affect ALL my pets, only these pets, or only the Mastermind?
  17. Didn't know this rule. Well noted, thank you sir! Absolutely right! Another learned thing 🙂 Oh? Why? (Seriously, I have no idea. I really don't know anything about procs) You are... absolutely right on this! Really? I didn't know that bit about beasts and stationary targets. Nice suggestion! I'm going to try it without and if it comes to that, I will absolutely take that into account! They're better than ATOs? I'm not sure how to proceed with this one
  18. Hi guys. Still trying to modernize all the alts I made when I first joined Homecoming. Today we have Eden Savage, a modern day female Tarzan "arresting" bad guys with the powers of fangs, claws and dark powers. Because reasons. She was another of my "generic-IO over strangely picked powers" fest. So I tried reading as much as I could here and I came up with this build. It LOOKS solid to me but could probably be improved a bit. I know for instance that I have WAY too much recharge, Hasten overlaps by almost 12 seconds. So what could I focus on instead?
  19. Well, I'm glad my simple request sparked an active exchange of opinions. While I would not consider myself having very little knowledge of the game (I have been playing this forever and some aspects I handle really well, such as the inf market), I'm more a melee enthusiast and I have very little experience with dealing with squishy archetypes. So looking at different builds helps me understand the mechanics and wrap my head around new ideas and concepts. I think I understand what @JJDrakken wants to do with the teleport pool. Gathering up enemies to nuke
  20. I see. Mobility and the art of mitigating what you can't control in your immediate surroundings. Your point is very well explained in there: thank you!
  21. @Nemu this is a LOT closer to what I had in mind, and it's not even that expensive of a build. Thank you for this. Indeed you seem to favor ranged defense. I have no idea why. A lot of endgame concepts and mechanics still elude me by far in that game.
  22. Wow, I didn't even know this topic existed, NICE! There was one such build. I grabbed it and studied it. It's not quite how I want to play my blaster but the learning experience was indeed there, thank you!
  23. Just loaded Rainy, my Water/Elec blaster, I think she was the second character I rolled on Homecoming. I played her a lot with my friends until they all left the game. Now she's 38, all decked out with generic IOs and bad power choices and I'd like to make her fun to play. I'm not looking for x8+4 material. I just want to be able to explore content and play exciting battles in my missions and not feel like I'm stuck with poking at three even-con minions all the time. So what powers do we skip in these powersets? What's to keep? Which epic to choose? I love blapping, I
  24. I never considered being a badge hunter before because I never saw the point or the appeal, which is strange, considering how i'm a hopeless RPG completionist. So last week, I was reading these parts of the forum out of curiosity and I saw something that was quite frankly, inspiring. The person was saying that going after badges went beyond just getting badges but was also a pretty neat way to visit content they would have never seen otherwise. To me, that is an excellent reason to badge. Combine that with the new exploration system introduced a few days ago: win.
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