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  1. Broke the 500 million bar yesterday. Would have been 600 millions (or even more if I had stayed focused on him) but my Farmer-in-training absorbed 100 Million for her mid-career build and of course, when I play her, I'm not marketting.
  2. The question is: Will they black out the "They have taken our fancy travel away from us!" cries? I'll let you ponder that while I roll a EM Scrapper.
  3. Ooooooohh I LOVE the new teleport system! A very nice and good reason to go around and EXPLORE! You guys rock so hard it's almost painful 💛
  4. So. Much. Love. You guys are beyond excellent! Seriously!! I'm going to look at those builds and try to understand them. I might also look into making my tank into something more "general purpose" and then create me a real farming brute. I really like playing AE farms: they're easy, relax, no nonsense. I even found a color scheme for a spine/fire that doesn't make me want to scoop my eyes out. I might try that (the brute, not the scooping) since it's SO popular, I want to see what all the fuss is about. But for now, Morfaust will remain a fire-farm tank until I decide.
  5. Don't worry about it. Besides, my addiction to Super Packs left me with only 11 Million, I need to wait for my things to sell before I can afford new things if I need to change them 😄 Thanks for the help!
  6. Very interesting! Now that you mention it, putting a full LotG in my attack was... dumb. I'll sell the set and put the second ATO I forgot to get. Yes, this guy will purely farm so he can provide inf to my other less specialised characters. How do you increase the value of an IO? I thought you couldn't combine those. If you want to spec me something, go right ahead! Comparing it to what I came up with would be a good learning experience. Only if you don't mind, though 🙂 I would move the Firery Embrace slot to Consume and add an 4th item of the set with End/Acc to get both these values from 45 to 72 and to get the 10% regen set buff.
  7. The big one... Excelsior? You know. That name I click EVERY FLIPPIN DAY and I never bothered to memorize? On and thought experiment. I tried a few minutes of the same fire farm at +1, +2 and +3. Here are the rewards. At +1, everything melts like butter on my CPU, no threat to my character whatsoever. At +2, things die relatively fast. Boss take a few extra hits. My HP remained capped most of the time, my End didn't need much love. At +3, things die slow and bosses take forever: this build is not single target happy. I had to watch my health constantly. I think that for now, +2 is the sweet spot. It may be approx 60% the rewards of +3, but things fall MUCH MUCH faster.
  8. Enthusiastic you say? I'm ecstatic! I'm having 10 times the fun I had on live! I just hope I can team up with some of you some time!!
  9. Yes I have those. And if it's too massive, respecs ate cheap, like 1.5 Mil or so. I'm going to post my build here. It's the first time I do something like this so expect newbie mistakes by the TRUCKLOAD. Also: I just realized I forgot to use one of my two ATO lines 😞 (But hey, that's 60 millions cheaper, right? Right? ... 😞 ) Here be my build. Or should I post the whole long post here?
  10. @Outrider_01 That's more maths than my brain can brain 🙂 (Seriously it's not that complicated but I'll have to take it bit by bit) As for my shiny new spec: I'm... not impressed. With generic IOs that were never refreshed as I levelled. I could do x8+1 eyes closed and x8+2 with some caution. With this full spec, I can do x8+3 but I find myself inspiration-dependant a lot and things take forever to die... Then again since I brought a friend to level him, the bosses were elite bosses. Anyways. About 160 Million and I'm not sure I did it right.
  11. Can a proc happen on a passive power like Stamina? I'm guessing not but it's better to ask.
  12. I just leveled my first 50 character! Thank you for all the awesome help homecoming!! So what's next? Is there a simple guide to incarnates? (I know that is a very long, detailed one but I would like to start slow and learn) It's my first time playing with sets EVER! I want to learn on my own as much as possible, I will therefore never ask for a build, but is there a guide or a list of recommendation of what set fits what situation? In my case, I have a fire/staff tank used mostly for fire farms so I know that I need to look for set bonuses that enhance regen and help me reach defense soft cap since I'm pretty much set with resists. I'm playing around on Mids but there is so much choice, I'm drowning in numbers!! Thanks in advance for any and all advice.
  13. Honestly I don't want to aim at the inf cap/ceiling. I just want to be able to easily afford sets when I binge on a new alt.
  14. @SaikochoroCame here following our discussion. Fantastic guide! I'm going to push my Stalker ahead and give that Smore and Mirror TF a try. I really appreciate when people take time to write clean, well thought guides like this. Thank you.
  15. My friend, that 5 millions took 3 long weeks of IO crafting to achieve 🙂
  16. I used to work for a specialised bank branch in a Casino here in Canada. Our main purpose was the exchange of foreign currency, mainly from American tourists. Now, during extremely busy week-ends, I remember closing my cash after my shift and carrying .... sometimes up to 500-600K in hard cash from my station to the bank safe back there. That's a LOT of paper money to carry in your arms but when you've been there long enough, you kind of lose your sensitivity to it. It's not yours so, it's just paper. The people on the other side of the bulletproof glass who were waiting in line. The look in their eyes as they saw me carry twice their mortgage in my arms (this was in 2000-2001). Priceless. (pun intended).
  17. Sounds reasonable. Now all there is to do is give it some time, decide which of my sales won't pass, retract them, soak the 5% and retry using that method. The cost of learning. Acceptable.
  18. Hello beautiful people entrepreneurs! Following @Grouchybeast's suggestion, I came here to discuss lucrative opportunities. I have been on Homecoming for... two months now, maybe three. I did play a lot on live back in the days but back then, I didn't play with markets much since my last COH days were about when IOs appeared. I generally love the maket game in online games, it's a good indicator of how smart and deep a game can be. In CoH's case: VERY entertaining. This time however: I have a family of 358 alts to feed and the firm intention of feeding them. Not to mention that my wife plans to play with me soon and she'll have none of that market stuff. Husband needs to provide. Such is life. So, inf. I started easy, on one of my first characters here: created cheap but popular mid level IOs, 20-30 at a time and put them on sale for a reasonable profit margin. I understood that a lot people preferred to buy instead of going through the creation process. I made perhaps 5-6 Millions that way, was pretty proud of myself. haha, Look at my Five millions. LOOK AT THEM. Then, I discovered that Merits could become Converters, The joy. Except at that point, I didn't know how to convert properly and after much effort and very little profit, I gave that up, not understanding what people found in that method. I also tried those famous Super Packs, sacrificing my hard earned first 10 millions and I got very unlucky, no ATOs, mostly junk so I just gave up. Time passed. Then someone explained how to properly convert. Profit! My main Blaster made some 130 Millions and my (currently shelved) Scrapper another 65. yay! But I felt another call... an irresistible call. The dreaded four letter word which starts with F but doesn't end with K. With the help of this awesome community, I settled on a tanker I would use, knowing not at all what to expect. Turns out I love farming more than I love playing the normal game. I don't know what to think. You tell me. So now I have a steady income of yellow/orange recipes. My tanker hit 45 or 46 yesterday, I plan to be 50 tomorrow. The convertion game is easy but the VAST majority of my rouletted Rares are those that sell around 2 to 2.5 Millions with the VERY occasional LotG but they all pile up in my queue, selling a trickle at a time. I follow the price trends, I don't really undercut. Even if it's not technically impolite because it's common, shared market and not a niche. Whatever, I like my hands clean. For now, I also decided to give Super Packs another chance and, in some 10-12 purchases, they ALL contained at least one ATO and in 3-4 cases, contained two. Slowly but surely I'm gathering those I need for my Tank, converting/selling the others to make sure I come out at least even. Heck, I'm still in full generic IOs, waiting to be 50 to get sets. Super Packs also provide me with a somewhat steady stream of merits so, I carry some 600 Converters without having to grind merits at all. Life is good. Profit is there, but slow. I think I'm on top of things. Look out world, here I come. Rawr. Then I come here; see people say "I make 300 millions every time I blink." as casually as I wear pants to work. ... ... HOW. Thanks. It's good to be home.
  19. 😄 I might just do that! Seriously, my tanker just hit 45 and I am completely enthralled. I always thought farming was something people did out of necessity (or boredom?) but it's really, REALLY fun! It's insane action that never ends and the rewards just keep coming!
  20. I really appreciate all this incredible info. I finally settled on a character to use and make into a provider for my legions of Alts and he's 42 as of yesterday, will get to 50 in no time. He's still decked with generic IOs but soon I will start looking for sets and ATOs and all the info you guys provided will be a huge help.
  21. You can convert ATOs. You can. Convert. ATOs. Excuse me while I pick my jaw from the floor. Also: Thanks SO MUCH for all that lovely and valuable system information. I LOVE playing markets in MMOs and CoH's market is quite above average in terms of fun to play with so, that info there is worth a lot to me!
  22. Thanks for the Attuned explanation, it was very clear. As for the ATO, so all AH options come from the Super packs or the merits? Wow... that's a LOT of super packs sold, considering the vast number available. Because I don't see why someone would pay the merit cost JUST to sell it at the AH, you can do a lot more money with those merits.
  23. Thank you! I already have a nice SG base with all possible storage options in. I tried putting my Converters in a salvage vault earlier but it refused 😞 Maybe I did something wrong.
  24. Hello beautiful people! I have quick questions! Yay! First question: is there a "quick questions" topic? (besides this one here) There should be a "quick questions" topic! It's so useful! So! Is there a way to transfer influence converters from one character to another without emailing them one at a time? I could market them and rebuy them same price but this means a direct 5% loss from broker's cut. How are attuned enhancement made? I see them all the time on the market but, where do they actually come from? Besides Super Packs and Merit purchases, where do ATOs come from? Can they be obtained as drops? Can Hover and Combat jumping be activated simultaneously to have their defense bonus stack? (I know I could test this myself easy...) And that's enough quick questions for now! Thanks guys!!
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