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  1. I had this trouble finding my binds. I had my master mind binds, MMbinds.txt I wanted to read to make it is what I thought. Help channel gave the canned answer it is in the /binds folder To make this short (30 minutes later) they ended up in my data folder. Just under texture_library folder. This is what the game saved it to and loaded from. Homecoming is using /data as my default directory.
  2. Illusions AE is the worst. You never want to be in the middle as an illusion (that's for PA and the fear) On that note I have seen a Stone/Rad perma disorient/root several EB almost perma between choking gas/Stalagmites, and Maybe VG (this was a SBB so maybe not VG) I was helping with spamming blind but still. I never cared to play stone control until I saw that.
  3. Don't forget those Thugs have leadership that affect all thugs. Multiple thugs MM is a force multiplier for the pets. .
  4. I always jump right into mobs and Fire sword Circle. Burn, Ice Storm, etc. with abandon as any good blapper would. I guess it just didn't register.
  5. Can you not enter the affected area after it is cast to damage mobs. Recently leveling blasters since live and I jumped in after and FSC and Ice Strormed to no avail. This confused me as it conflicted with my understanding from the Grav/Time wombly thread.
  6. bustacap


    O no I just made a controller named Max Headroom in mostly ex proto suit and the spiky hair. What happens when you are "genericed"
  7. I was like you on live and on returning to Homecoming. I would sell my drops and make enhancements to sell and make a little cash. Then I read a guide on how to use your merits to make influence. Short answer do every TF and SBB that shows up on the LFG channel. This allows you to group and earn influence while leveling. Use the merits to buy enhancement converters from the various merit vendors. Sell them at the consignment for 1 influence. Stop selling if they ever sell for less than 60k. That should get you enough influence for common IO's. If you do the SBBs you
  8. On live and Homecoming I am an altaholic. However, on live, I wanted to play a WS, so I leveled a AR/Dev blaster to 50 so I could roll one. I got him to 50 made a non purple triform perma ellipse build I made on Mids. However Arcana did a forum contest which I came in 3rd which one me a purple set (I got the last set not picked by the 1st and 2nd placed winners). I then unlocked the alpha. The only thing that could kill me was energy drain and slows (my build had very little defense since everything I had was dedicated to recharge for eclipse and nova attack chain since we only had 4 attacks t
  9. I wanted to state this resolved the issue. Installing in NOT the default directory.
  10. To reiterate it literally worked fine until it didn't. .net 4.8 is already installed (as I did some python and R). After multiple redownloads and uninstalled/reinstall the issue persist. I have seen a few posts where others have this issue also. Thank you for reading.
  11. It worked perfectly. Then today It will not run with a null reference exception. I have uninstalled/reinstalled, and repaired, multiple times and still receive this error. Normal Mids still works although hardly anyone uses it. I apologize if this the wrong venue for Mids.
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