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  1. Screenshot is taken from a Discord conversation between myself and GM Coldspark. I did not test dying.
  2. Players were experiencing multiple errors regarding sidekicking in Peregrine Island while in a league performing the Trick or Treat runs. I was running the league. So far 6 or 7 times players hadnot been sidekicked up on a team despite other members on the team being sidekicked. Photos are difficult to see because they were screenshots that then were taken and sent via Discord to Coldspark that I then had to go and reput into Paint. I apologize for the inconvenience.
  3. Stolen Immobilizer Ray (accolade power) deals energy damage, but the description states it does cold or vica versa.
  4. The problem first occurred on either the first mission or the second and remained throughout the entire task force. The first mission requires the team to fight 50 Rularuu in the open world so if it did occur I simply didn't notice it. Most likely though it was occurring. I didn't notice until I tried to open the first mission door however. I still received a Notice of the Well and Reward Merits upon completing the Task Force. I did not switch alignments or do anything abnormal during the taskforce. From initially starting the taskforce (I was team leader) to when I first noticed t
  5. The game won't let me enter the mission. I keep getting an hourglass. I believe the problem may be in part to the fact that it thinks I am in Architect Entertainment.
  6. I have Gaussion's Sychronized Fire Control: Chance for Buildup in Dark Nova and Decimation: Chance for Buildup in Dark Nova Blast. I am just standing in 1 spot. I have perma 2 triggers and keep popping up a third trigger. I'm not sure how often I proc the third. It seems about every minute.
  7. The problem occurred from where the player group stands on the rock formation (if you are familiar with the raids) all the way down to actually fighting. I have a range of 80 yards, but I am sure I got closer to the Mitochondria as they were invisible. They quickly appeared and then vanished whenever they attacked. The same with Hamidon. I was able to get right in front of Hamidon as physically I could not get inside of it as the object was still there. I could target everything just as normal.
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