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  1. Testing a war mace / shield build at the moment. Currently it looks decent. But is it really good or are there better /X. I considered first to take /bio.
  2. I know this. Sorry for the offtopic: One thing: I have recipes and salvages. But how do I craft? Because my salvage storager is full. Currently I'm L25 now. The hero is a blast in groups. 😄
  3. I want more pets. 😄 Just grab the three Summon Pets powers and the two pet buffs from any MM primary. The special synergy effect is, that the two additional pet buffs will stack with the one from the primary MM pool and therefore will help with some pet issues. Only backdraw is that same pet buff powers will not stack but if you use different pet buffs then they will stack.
  4. I would like to test this build. 😄 Sounds a lot of fun.
  5. What's about an used 1 to 2 year old PC? Much cheaper and still up to date.
  6. On my 24" Full HD+ monitor the text looks quite small. Is there a way to increase the font size and/or the UI size?
  7. You will start and end with that one power more than yet. You need not to waste or lose anything.
  8. Why do all my character are getting an XP dept after logging out even in safe locations? It even affects characters under level 9!
  9. Was, es gibt noch deutschsprachige Spieler hier? 😉😉 Falls noch irgendwo Platz ist in einer Gilde/Supergruppe oder wie das immer auch heisst, bitte melden mit ingame Charaktername.
  10. At creation of a hero we can choose one of the two first powers from the primary powers. My suggestion: Why not just give both? It would make the lower levels more convenient while do not have any impact on higher levels.
  11. The MM pets are working much better in a group with lots of buffs than solo. The primary issue I see is the low defense/resistances some pet set have. The level increase will help especially to the T1 pets. The beasts set is melee only but these pets seems to have the lowest defense and resistance of all pets. Sometime even an orange lieutenant can oneshot a T1 beast pet.
  12. No, it was a training flight enhancement I tried to slot but it did not work. I'm aware about the DO/SO thing.
  13. What is an IO? Is there a list of all the abbrviations used in this game somewhere? The beasts are so incredible quishy that they get oneshotted even from heavy hitting reds. The good powers from the /nature have a such long CD that it is difficult to get them running in every fight. I have the strange feeling that it will become better again at level 24.
  14. Flying enhancements can not be slotted into Mystic Flight (Sorcery set). The slot is not available for flight enhancements. In the Mystic Flight there is listed that it can slot Enhance Flying Speed enhancements. But on the enhancement itself it is listed as Enhance Flight Speed.
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