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  1. Quick question. I was thinking of making an Elec/? blaster and one of the things that sounded sort of appealing was that in the electric blast power descriptions, it mentions the attacks can transfer some of the targets endurance back to YOU. Is that correct? Just thinking having some extra endurance would help with lessening any issues with running out of endurance. I guess the short version is: Is the return of endurance worth trying out the set?
  2. Thank you. I reinstalled last night and was happy my characters were still there. I closed Island Rum last night when I went to bed and when I tried to launch it this morning, I'm running into the issue of it hanging on Scanning and says Creating Holding Area 100% (I'm also on a MacBook Pro). I haven't had this issue the last several weeks that I've been playing. This just started yesterday afternoon. I guess I'll delete all the files and reinstall, again. =(
  3. Jack, I didn't have this happening this morning but this afternoon I'm running into the same thing. If I do a clean install, do I lose my characters and influence? If so, can you explain how you do the back up you mentioned? Thanks!
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