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  1. We are a patient supergroup, we can and will wait for you. ^ ^ Write a game email, when you are ready. @V'zyth
  2. *push again* 🙂 We are now 5 players. Each has his specialities. While one is doing high level mission teams in Grandville, the other is doing fast midlevel newspaper teams. It would be nice, if some european players would take part and help, as most sg members are from other timezones. I am also designing our supergroup base, which has of course every feature enabled and teleporters up, but also bit by bit shows up with special rooms for roleplaying. Visit our crypt for example, a place to die for! In short terms, we could also handle roleplayers as a sg. 🙂
  3. Oh wow...nice. I am out of the thread. Was a bad idea.
  4. Hm....seems like almost everyone bites into my "once per week all areas open for pvp", ignoring the other "make it a rare sg raid event with preparations" and treat it like I adamantly want the game to be like that. These were ideas. Possibilities. Sandbox mind games. Thought bubbles. All based on playing the game since it appeared. It´s an old "problem" with the game for me, an unfullfilled desire.... If you are against it, present more acceptable versions for pvp in this game. Just some pvp zones, were you kill each other for nothing isn´t really a thing. The other answers, that just state, that they want each side on their own, were kind of foreseen by me. Have to live with that. Still think villains and heroes have no real contact in this game, that matters. Also almost zero reactions to my pve suggesstions. So killing different factions in the always same office rooms/bases/sewers is to be hero or villain for you? Interesting... PS: I am not a pvp hardcore fan. I just feel like heroes and villains (how many times do I have to repeat that, it is obvious) in this game about heroes and villains, have almost no significant contact and interaction with each other. If one side is shut down for example, it will change nothing important.
  5. What I think the major flaw of this game always was, since it started (only my! oppinion): In short term: CoH/V did never really suceed in creating a vibrant hero against villain open world. Each side plays on his own. The profile of the game en complete was never sharp enough to maintain a feeling taking part in such. What you have is fighting colorful npcs in all the same colorful patterns every day, unless you split from the crowd and do roleplay somewhere. So, what can you do about it? 1. Installing a more global, a more serious pvp system with a set of rules, that people, who want to avoid it, can do that. 2. Enriching the common set of pve missions with a more complex system of missions of different point of views to choose from. Let me try some ideas: 1. - All zones (excluding the first two areas as a low level safe haven) are open to everyone everywhere always or at a particular time (weekend?). Then players can attack and disrupt keyinstallations in that particular area, giving the enemy faction a malus once suceeded. or - Supergroups can stage raids on the enemy side (again with first two areas out of contest) by planning them, paying with resources and then finally release a raid with sg members at the wished date with the same effect like mentioned above. This would empower supergroups as a gamefeature and make them more interesting. 1.a To make trolling the enemy faction this way hard, the game could/should: - give a global continous alert to the attacked faction - dispatch npc units to intercept the raiders (homebonus), that are more difficult according to the number and level of the raiders + how long the last raid is back in the past...for example a 8 hero group with level 50 +, raiding an area that was raided just one day ago, will see archvillains intercepting them next to the standart npcs (raids should be considered to NOT be sure victories as usual aka extreme high risk endeavours) - the malus should not be too strong and the installations attacked recover over time (with the help of faction players donating?). 1.b The outcome (profit) should be the loot and badges. 1.c Only villain supergroups can declare pvp war with a supergroup of the same side. This would make villain side more attractive for players, which is dearly needed to do. 1.d The whole field of ideas need able people adding new code to the game. 😞 2. - new missions are added to the common newspaper/radio mission range. They differ in content by your point of view as a hero or a villain. The game offers you a mission from each field next to the normal newspaper and radio missions. The fields could be: Heroes: - benevolent (true hero) - revenge (batman kind of style, Rorschach?) - compulsive justice (taking in every drug addict you see, fuck social work) - maybe corrupt justice? (the comedian style, bullying hippies?) Villains: - criminal (heists, robberies, kidnapping....all for money and only this) - fanatic (Isis style...hungry for power or dishing out damage to the one and only enemy of your world....dirty bombs, assasinations, kamikaze actions) - some people just want to see the world burn (Joker style....throwing a mafia competitioner on a pile of money and burning it with gasoline) 2.a This idea needs people writing stories for all the different fields and create settings/new npcs. 2.a.a I would and could help here the devs. :)) 2.b The different kind of missions should provide different loot/outcome. Villain missions for example are easy that way: Criminal missions should give more money then usual. Fanatic missions give better recipes and enhancements (because you attack powerpoints of your enemy, taking his equipment). "Joker" missions at the other should give a special "loot"....these missions always should cater the destructive joy in you by making everything and everyone in these mission destroy- and killable. Like in villain bank missions, but even more...these missions are for all the boys and girls, who just want to rampage. 2.b.a Hero missions at the other side could be seen the same way....benevolent more money (public help and charity), revenge more recipes and enhancements (because no one looks on your fingers after you are done with the culprit) and compulsive justice can just kick every poor sod around, that slightly looks like guilty. I hope you don´t take my ideas personally, but I am really sure, that the ideas above put into CoH/V would make it a better game. Have fun!
  6. " Is it still happening on Excelsior? " Yes. 🙂 The whole project is not very old. ^^
  7. @Vulpoid To be honest, it does not matter. Teams can be started with lvl 1 and so far my experience is to bring in the following "toon"as a teamleader: - you tank the attention of the mobs and do normal damage - you do lots of damage or (only recommended on higher levels and enhanced) - you do immobilizes and holds So, put any kind of character into my sg, we are not metabuilding elitist players. I have a dual pistol/poison lvl 50 corr, that already got despised as useles by someone else. 🙂 hehe Secondary, my base: Part of my joy in game is building inside the base and trying to do some "tricks" with the editor, aka a second level inside a room with stairs and finding more purposes and alternatives for rooms as the usual meeting room or reactor chamber. I aim for building a fortress like sci fi bunker. When I am done, it definetly can be the stage for roleplaying, if that is one of your wishes(I myself will not ignore you). I don´t use the maximal size baseplot, so there is even space for "private rooms". At the moment the only thing I have not yet installed is the teleporters. Since everything is free and all buildable I kind of went crazy while building my defence perimeter. 😕 ^^ We have pet sharks too... PS: I tend to be online after 20:00 european time and then almost ever involved in a team.
  8. " Look at that, pushing Krzbrg1right off the cliff - you're red side alright. " ^^ I am already doing teams now whenever I am online (and that is often). My first attempt was a desaster with my elec/shield tank, that alt needs more stuff slotted. 😛 Now I get along quite good with a fire/fire blaster, which adds enough damage even if the teammembers are low levels, but most of the time we do newspaper missions. These simple missions already gave me and other players more insight and training in and with our characters/toons. I don´t have much knowledge about other mission arcs, but if teammembers guide me in, I go for them. In the end a team depends on the patience of the members, isn´t it? Croax, I will try to contact you as soon as possible.
  9. ....as the title says, I want to have a kind of a "carebear" supergroup on red side, that offers players to join team for teamplay whenever possible. We would also be open to help players to get a team for a mission arc he/she needs to play. Second field of interest would be the preparation and execution of pvp moments in the game. What I don´t want is that my supergroup just places some lowlevels at the door and plays the game for them to rush them to lvl 50. I had the idea for such a supergroup in my first week in the game, playing red side, where I really was playing alone next to others, who seemed to be not interested in teamplay right from the start in Mercy. The rogue isles really need some attention and help. I also already prepared two lvl 50 characters for the project, a tank and a corrupter. As an european player (Germany) it would be good to find a trustworthy player from another timezone, that could rule as second in command when I lay down to my villainous slumber. :)) Additionally two section leaders for teamplay and pvp would be vacant too. In general I hope to start a small community, that plays the game as friends. I expect mature behavior. I also expect friendly hilariousity to have some fun in the monotony of "defeat all" and "fetch this". ^^ My global chat name is V'Zyth, the server is Excelsior. Thank you for the attention.
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