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  1. Having rediscovered CoH a couple months ago after a 10 year hiatus, this is by far the best thread I've found on the forums. The advice and useful descriptions of the powers is very much appreciated. This is so much more informative than reading a series of "uber-50+ builds." Thank you to everyone who contributed.
  2. Ah, thank you. I, obviously, hadn’t connected the two.
  3. Not sure what’s going on with my Blaster, but whenever Targeting Drone is active there’s a red circle around the power’s icon. Is that a bug, or a feature that I don’t comprehend?
  4. My first 50 back on live was a AR/Dev that I mostly solo'd with. It definitely takes a different approach that other blasters. I'd say you have to be more deliberate in your how you set up a fight, whereas with other sets it's easier to just start shooting. And you have to be cognizant of a few things: 1) the knockback from a couple powers, 2) the different size/range cones, and 3) some powers have a very narrow niche.
  5. Quick Targeting Drone question... the icon for it always has a red circle around it. What's the significance of the red circle?
  6. Mack008


    I've seen a few references on the 'net that say if you're ToHit bonus is above 95%, then snipe attacks become instant. Is this still the case? My blaster is has 103% ToHit, but I haven't seen a change.
  7. On the Kheldian's Grace - Recharge/Form Empowerment enhancement, what does the "Form Empowerment" portion do? Thanks, Mack
  8. I'm trying to understand the Stealth Radius mechanic. Can someone please confirm/deny the following interpretation? Suppose my hero has a Stealth Radius of 50 feet. -- If the bad guy has an observation radius of 30 feet, then he'll never see me even if I stand next to him. -- If the bad guy has an observation radius of 70 feet, then he'll see me when I come within 20 feet of him.
  9. While I prefer to attack at range, I love having a few melee abilities ready and waiting for when a fool gets too close to me.
  10. Not a fan of these changes. I like that SO's aren't typically available until level 25. It adds an important element and gives the player something to strive toward. Getting them earlier nullifies that since of accomplishment. Yes, there are ways to get them sooner, but only with effort, which is why it's rewarding. Plus, a proliferation of low level SO's will make low level content much less challenging. I also like the limits that come with upgrading a level 30 to a level 30+ and not a level 31. It adds a dynamic where you actually have to think about managing your enhancements. Not crazy about the "upgrade all enhancements" button. I could live with it, but IMO it's too easy. Again, enhancement management, and enhancement strategy are part of the game, part of the challenge. It seems like there's too much emphasis on skipping to level 50, and bypassing the journey to level 50.
  11. If I'm running Targeting Drone and toss out Caltrops, is Caltrops to-hit affected by the Drone? I assume not, but wanted to check.
  12. Thanks for all the info, especially the distinction that when slotted in Tactics team members don't get the effect, only the power's owner. I agree that it wouldn't make sense for a Mastermind... but I could see a Blaster/Scrapper taking Tactics and slotting this proc.
  13. So after some learnin'... If it is slotted in Tactics, then each person affected would have a 6.5% chance every 10 seconds? On a full team of 8, that means that every 10 seconds there's a 52% of at least one person getting Build Up. Now I'm thinking about all the pets from a Mastermind...
  14. Appreciate the info! I have some studying to do.
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