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  1. Mack008

    Dark Dark

    FWIW... Dark Regen can take 4 different damage procs. Each one will have a 56% chance of going off. Roughly speaking, that would be 140 points of damage to each target at level 50. So if you want it to do damage, you can. But you will have to give up some set bonuses in the process.
  2. Was just looking at the enhancement in the title, and I understand that it makes your snipe always a Fast Snipe, but is the damage always Fast Snipe as well? Was hoping this gives Fast Snipe's timing with Slow Snipe's damage.
  3. Currently (as far as I know) there's only two ways to turn Knockback in to Knockdown: 1) The Sudden Acceleration IO. This is a decent option, but comes with an opportunity cost in that a slot must be dedicated to it so you're likely giving up something else (accuracy, damage... and most likely part of a set bonus). 2) The Overwhelming Force IO. This is a good IO in that it both increases damage and changes KB to KD. The downside is that you can only use one of them per character. For KB heavy builds, neither of these are great options. So here's my thought.
  4. Well, at least I didn't spend too much time on that idea. Thanks for the info.
  5. Anyone know how effective putting a Proc into Photon Seekers is? Not sure what the math is since they're a summoned pet.
  6. Five seconds dovetails with what I see in the game. Thanks for the info.
  7. Just discovered that Durability doesn't increase a Sentinel's Hit Points. Rather, it creates a small Absorption shield. Anyone know how often it refreshes itself? Does it have pulse rate? Curious what happens if you put Preventative Medicine's Chance for Absorb, or Power Transfer's Chance for Heal in it. Thanks, Mack
  8. Had a thought about improving Sentinel's inherent ability that would be straightforward to implement... 1) When Opportunity lands on a target, make the debuff a small radius AoE (10 feet or less) so that a group is affected. For balance, might need to make the AoE effect less potent than the debuff applied to the target. 2) Make the debuff linger on the corpse and the surrounding area once that target is killed (er... 'arrested'). Those two changes would greatly increase the ability's utility without requiring a major overhaul. Also, enlarge the debuff symbol
  9. Would love the option to respec only a single power, instead of replacing all of them.
  10. Wish we had the ability to respec single power without having to rebuild the entire character. For example, if I took Leadership's Assault and later wanted to change it to Maneuvers, would love to have the ability to swap it.
  11. StrikerFox, so you don't bother with any of the +Resistance or +Defense IOs for your henchmen?
  12. Minor changes I'd like to see: -- Bump up the effectiveness of Leadership powers on a Sent. -- Increase the number of targets hit by AoEs. -- A little boost to the -Res/-Def that comes with all attacks.
  13. Per Mids... Oppressive Gloom as a standard accuracy of 75%, and the power accepts Accuracy Enhancements, so it's not auto-hit.
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