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  1. Pets are your reason for existing. When a MM joins a team I'm on, I don't think about what secondary he brings.
  2. Frankly, I don't want an Auto-upgrade, and the reduced summon times aren't needed either. Losing a pet in the middle of a fight should be painful. That's the offset for having six minions do your bidding. The player should be incentivized to keep their pets alive in the first place. The pets are the MM's power; losing them means losing power. A MM should be protective of his/her pets and not have an unlimited supply of replacements on standby.
  3. A minor suggestion... make the Medic's heal a small AoE. It doesn't need to be a big ol' 25 footer... just something like 8 to 10 feet. Or even have it heal the target for the full amount, and any Merc in the AoE for half that amount. Also, bump up the Defense Debuff from 3.75 to an even 5. Again, it doesn't have to be a drastic change. Big picture... give the set something unique, something that will draw players to set. Something that the other pets don't have.
  4. One simple idea... Kill the REDRAW! Seriously, I wonder how much Soldiers' DPS is affected by redrawing their weapon during a fight.
  5. A bit different idea to help out MMs... Allow the player to click on each pet to see all of his available attacks. Each attack would have check mark next to it, which when unchecked means that pet will never use that attack. So if I want my Soldier-Medic to only use his heal, I uncheck each of his attacks and leave his heal checked. If I don't want my Robot Battle Drones to ever use their melee attack, I uncheck it and leave the rest alone. That would allow players to tailor their pets attacks to their own play style.
  6. Didn't realize toggles were subdivided into categories. That explains why only this one power is shutting off.
  7. I'm running a Thugs/Time MM in the upper 30's now, and Time's Juncture keeps getting de-toggled by a whole slew of bad guys. It seems like every other group hits me with something that turns it off. And the odd part is that it's the only thing that de-toggles (Leadership powers and Sprint stay on). In particular I've noticed it with Devouring Earth. It's almost like I'm getting hit with a stun/choke/hold that only lasts a quarter second. Anyone else have experience with this? Any tips to avoid it?
  8. All, thanks for the responses. My immediate thought was for my 26 Dark/Dark Brute who's struggling with all the toggles. But this is definitely applicable to all my other 'toons as well.
  9. So here's the question: If I have three slots in Stamina, is it better to: -- Slot 3 End Mods, or -- Slot 2 End Mods, and the put a Perf Shifter Proc in the third? For that matter, is it worth it to add a fourth slot to Stamina and do both (3 End Mod plus the proc)?
  10. Check my math here... Supposed I toss the Performance Shifter proc (+End) in an auto power, such as Stamina. At 1.5 PPM, it has a 25% chance to go off ever 10 seconds. When it does, it gives +10% Endurance. So that works out to (on average) +2.5% End every 10 seconds ( or +0.25% End per second). Checking one of my characters, Thunderstrike's set gives +2% to Recovery which works out to 0.03% End/sec. Am I missing something? Is the Performance Shifter proc really 10x better than Thunderstrike's bonus?
  11. +1 for DP/Dev. Recently hit the mid-30s and discovered how well a few things dovetail. -- Smoke Grenade + Cloaking Device allows you to walk in the middle of a group without aggro'ing them. -- Plant a Trip Mine (or Time Bomb) at their feet, then trigger Hail of Bullets to go off at the same time. And as a bonus, planting a Trip Mine (or Time Bomb) grants a hefty damage bonus which Hail of Bullets can take advantage of, on top of what Targeting Drone gives for your first attack. This is a great tactic for solo work.
  12. OK, so to ditch the backpack I'd have to respec my Crab build to Huntsman, and have the second build as Bane. Thanks for the quick responses!
  13. Recently started an Arachnos Soldier, and choose a few Crab powers which automatically come with the backpack. I added a second build (Bane), but I'm still forced to use the backpack. Is this correct? I thought Bane didn't come with the backpack?
  14. Mack008

    Pet Names

    For my Bots/MM: -- Minions: Curly1, Curly2, Curly3 -- Lts: Larry4, Larry5 -- Boss: Moe6 Keeping a unique number in their names helps with targeting binds I have.
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