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  1. [emily littela]...Never mind...[/emily littela]
  2. Ididn'tdoitnobodysawmedooityoucan'tproveanything...
  3. Even in the Old Days, you could nudge a market but not control it outside a certain point. There was a point around 2010-2011 where I resolved to crash the Alchemical Silver market as a protest to its ridiculously high price (50K-65K per unit). I build up a huge amount of the stuff by flipping it. For a while the prices I set for buy and sell seemed to be the upper and lower limits for A. Silver. Then prices started to drift and I could not hold back the tide. so did I ever have control or was it just the illusion of control? As an aside, I sold all that A. silver in a few hours one weekend, but I couldn't drive the price below 10,000 per unit. And I sold on the order of 7500 units heroside and another 5000 units villainside (the markets were not unified at the time). I figure the reason was old bids on the market from dead accounts. Coh deleted items on the market after the account was inactive for 90 days but they apparently never deleted pending transactions so these dead accounts continued to buy. These old bids were acting as a price support keeping the market from swinging downward.
  4. Some pets just make too much distracting noise. MM Demons for one. Beast Mastery's Dire Wolf or Darkness Control's Umbral Beast never stop howling. Some people might find the endless clanking of MM Robots annoying too. It would be good if the sfx volume on these creatures automatically tapered off towards silence after repeating their sfx streams a few times. Something, anything to get a little relief.
  5. The room is there. It's just I deleted the passageway to it. 🙂
  6. OK, yes it was stupid. I moved the base portal to a different room and, yes, deleted the doorway back to the original room. the base is functional but I can't edit it. Is there a way to restore the deleted dooryway or at least get a character into the room that allows base-editing? It's been days since this was done so there's no option for a ctrl-z rollback.
  7. I have a character who was supposed to be minimum on all body sliders, including height. I noticed they were somehow too tall. The tailor at my super-group base dropped me right into costume editing and wouldn't let me go back and edit height. The tailor at the Vanguard base did. Tailors at the SG base should work the same as Tailors elsewhere. This is a small QOL thing to be sure. But it should also be a quick and easy fix too.
  8. Probably been asked before. Could the Devs enable the height slider for each costume slot at the tailor's? Right now I can't change it past character creation. This might be a part of re-enabling the code that lets each costume slot be male, female or huge.
  9. That looks right. I will see if it helps.
  10. Hi, How can I completely uninstall CoH and Tequila? A freind is seeing some bizarre interface issues. I tried deleting the CoH folder and reinstalling but there's data somewhere outside the CoH folder that's preserving this problem. One of my friends is seeing a power bar labelled "9" on screen for every character she plays. It can be moved around, Right clicking on it does not give any options (like closing the bar). One time CoH stopped responding to the number keys and switched what power bar it thought was the "ctrl+number" key and which was the "alt+number". We've tried deleting the entire CoH folder and not just reinstalling but reinstalling the game to a different folder on the machine (original install location was "Documents" for some reason. Don't ask) but this did not correct the issue. Logging in to her account on a different machine does not show any problems. Win10 machine. What do I need to do to wipe everything CoH and tequila-related out and start over completely?
  11. Thank you for this post. I came to the forums today specifically to ask if MM pets can proc incarnate Interface and Hybrid powers. It'd be silly if they didn't but the Devs could have decided it was too powerful for them to do it too.
  12. Leveling up a Brute with Radiation Armor. Just got Ground Zero. Detailed info on Ground Zero missing from both Tray->Enhancements->Manage->click "Show Detailed Info"->[hover mouse over Ground Zero] and [right click] on power->Info->[Detailed Info tab]. Both only show the 400% taunt.
  13. I was hoping for a purely client-side solution. If you have to exchange data with the server, it's not worth the effort and quality control to make it work.
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