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  1. Bonfire went from "easily skippable" to "OMG this feels like cheating" with inventions.
  2. Thanks for pointing that out! It didn't on live, at least while I was subbing. One of my beefs with FF when inventions went live was that FF had powers that didn't take any sets.
  3. Once the live devs moved from the original view of FF as a ranged tanker ( pre-release, bubblers could shoot through PFF, there were 3 small bubbles on 2 minute timers) to FF as a buff set with soft controls, the devs were caught in a bind. In some groups, FF is overpowered in ways no other defender primary is. While, in others, it's underpowered. But the aggregate performance is fine. Anyway ... The big thing that rankles me is that Bonfire can use the KB to KD proc and then leverage damage procs for pretty good safety and damage. Meanwhile, Repulsion Field still has,
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