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  1. @Take One Yeah you just need to be careful about placement because the mobs can still be aggroed, like huang said. hence why I only had one actual enemy in that mission.
  2. Some things that would definitely make my life easier and that could possibly be implemented if the devs are able to: Unlocking level caps for enemies adding in precise spawn points for allies/enemies/objectives adding in a dialogue tree for characters in-mission that won't aggro other characters I could do a whole lot better stuff with just the last one, since I'm working on missions with more custom enemies and allies that should be pretty fun.
  3. @AnkylosaurYeah but the problem with the Trolls is just the fact I can't recreate the faces. Maybe it's just the perfectionist in me, but it would feel weird to do it that way. @huang3721As for the bosses attacking the elite boss, unfortunately there's not much I can do about that. I'd have it to where it's just a conversation with the Morana manifestation but unfortunately that isn't an option. And yeah, I think one of the coolest things about the last mission in Mystery of Morana is actually getting to see the Regulators in action. Or at least what I would interpret they would be like, sinc
  4. Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately when it comes to the level discrepancies, it has a lot to do with needed characters being locked behind certain level walls, namely the Trolls and Back Alley Brawler. There's no way to recreate the Trolls in the AE character customization that doesn't feel weird and out of place because of how unique they look. Yeah, I could make one that is kind of like a pretend Atta, but that kinda feels like I'm being lazy there considering how much time and effort I put into Veles, Morana, and Chernobog. I don't wanna half-ass custom characters. That especially comes
  5. So, it had always bugged me that there was never an actual follow-up or conclusion to the Skulls stuff in Kings Row after Eagle Eye. The only other mention of the Petrovics happens in an entirely different arc, and you don't actually fight them. Instead, they are taken out offscreen. So... I decided to put on the gauntlet and say "Fine, I'll do it myself" and created two AE arcs that continue the story with the Petrovics and (hopefully) give it a pretty satisfying conclusion to that entire arc. The first AE story arc is called "A Super Deadly Vendetta" which focuses on helping a hacker/
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