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  1. Which plant does on a MUCH shorter cooldown, the biggest difference being plant's is a cone and MC is targeted AoE. MC is basically hot garbage compared to SoC. A power obtained at level 8 shouldn't vastly outshine the level 32 power of another set. Mass Confusion needs a major buff to bring it up to the power a level 32 primary power should be.
  2. Throw a KB--KD IO in him and him scattering mobs with that stupid KB cone is a worry of the past! With this small change, he may survive long enough to not make his 2s summoning animation a waste. .....until he runs into melee and just stands there looking at the moon at the mobs like a lost and retarded puppy EDIT: Maybe a fix would be to give him some resistances/defense shields (or built in) and turn him into a Sentinel. That way maybe he'd survive being in melee a bit longer, but still retain his ranged blasts. Might be easier than tracking down the bug in his
  3. I wish one power selection gave both abilities and both were mutually exclusive toggles, freeing up a power slot for something else without losing any of the current flavor of the set.
  4. Singularity: It's also quite tanky. It's the most controlling of all the pets and likes to both toss targets into the air and hold them. I haven't tried anything fancy with my grav controller, so I can't comment on using Enflame on it. I've also heard a KB-KD IO in him, plus a Wormhole on top, can turn him into a poor man's bonfire due to his innate knockback. He'll slowly pull things toward him, and toss them aside if they get too close. Phantasm: I think he's broken. He's supposed to be a ranged /nrg blaster that makes a decoy of himself, but he likes going into melee firs
  5. I've had this effect proc from just using the immobilize on my fire/atomic blaster. He's only level 28 and the only melee ability he has so far is the PBAoE melee smash (atomic smash?), so he stays at range most of the time. How is it procing from just one secondary attack?
  6. I'm honestly shocked Mercs DPS didn't go up even a single point. I expected it to go up a little bit, but no change is surprising. Mercs need love, even if it just drags them out of the dumpster. They don't have to be top tier, but they should at least be a competitive choice in the mid-tier. Is there a thread somewhere on suggestions to improve Mercs? The search isn't working this morning and I'm too lazy to troubleshoot right now -.-
  7. "They's burried treasure everywhere... In the cemetery."
  8. Thugs/time or Thugs/traps are both fun combinations. Mercs/storm could be interesting just to scatter all the spent brass the mercs leave laying around (hurricane full of bullet shells sounds like something out of a nightmare). On MM personal attacks: Some of them look cool (demon whips), so to me that's reason enough to take them.
  9. I had a bots/dark on live that I enjoyed playing immensely.
  10. Seeds should be toned down a little, and mass confusion should be toned up a lot. Mass confusion should, in theory, be better than seeds as it's a level 32 spell. I love confusion spells, and plant is the go-to for "I want to confuse as many things as I can as often as possible". It's not difficult to hit most of a spawn with seeds. I want to like MC, but I can get my jollies of confusing a group on a shorter cooldown by going plant. Plus I get a pet! I rarely have trouble with my pets running off and causing problems, even on a large team. They are free DPS once summoned, and I won't e
  11. Sorry if this has been asked before, but does the HC staff have plans to look at Mind Control's lack of a pet and add something? I'd love to see a level 32 pet power put in as an option, either a summoned pet like other pet classes or a "permanent" mind control like power (take control of an enemy for several minutes that would need refreshed periodically or it could break free). I wouldn't want the area confuse replaced, but either reshuffled or as another level 32 option. Mind is the only controller/dom primary I haven't tried because I love pets, even if they have dumb AI. Sorry again i
  12. I'm enjoying my necro/kin. I had a necro/dark on live, so I wanted something a bit different. Kin works well with the pets that favor melee. Plus, who doesn't love crack zombies after SB?
  13. This may be the #1 thing I want. GM--AV--EB--B--LT--M priority targeting.
  14. I can't offer help specific to Tequila and the problem it's giving you, but I can offer a work-around that'll get you in the game. I recently switched from Tequila to the Homecoming Launcher. You will have to reinstall CoH, but instillation was easy. If you already have the game installed via Tequila, it'll copy over your saved costume files and such. Once you've reinstalled with the HC Launcher, you should be able to delete Tequila and it's version of the game. I do suggest logging in first to make sure saved things copied over and everything works before deleting anything!
  15. I've been messing around with a ninja/time, and so far it's great fun. I'm excited to get my Oni and the final pet upgrade to really see what I can do. Can both the MM ATO auras be ran at the same time? If so, where is the best place to put them?
  16. I recently made my first ninja MM, and I'm finally level 22 and ready to slot level 25 IOs. I want to get the MM ATO that gives +10% defense. As of right now, it is the only set IO I can afford (all other slots will get generic lvl 25+ IOs). With this in mind, where would be the best place to slot this lone IO? My gut says the T2 pet (2 ACC, 3 DAM, 1 +10% def ATO) would be a good spot, but I would like opinions first. Thank you very much!
  17. I'm no "stalker lord", but I think the sets with the best AoE are elec and savage. I have an elec/ea stalker that has loads of AoE damage with truckloads of ST damage. I plan on rolling a savage stalker as soon as a good concept comes to mind.
  18. I'm loving my plant/fire. He's my only 50 (other than a brute that was PL'd for the sole purpose of farming inf for my alt army). I love Seeds of Confusion (confusion has always been my favorite CC method), it may be my favorite power in the whole game. I want to like mind control for it's mass confusion, but the lack of a permanent pet, plus the long recharge on MC, steers me toward other primaries. I've only learned about the changes to /nrg recently. What primary does it pair well with? I've been thinking of making an earth/nrg dom, but /nrg's KB will drive me nuts if it c
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