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  1. I'm going to add that I'm also seeing this issue. Short Version! Where I see it, where I don't, what I think it is. I have the delay in Retrieving character list from server on two different Windows 7 pro systems. One of which did run City of heroes during the Live days. (WITHOUT said issue at that time.) Same character/account used on both systems. I do not have the delay if I use my Windows 10 Pro system, again same character/account used. This issue is not related to System Ram, or Network interface card(s), or distance to the servers. Operating System differences? oh yes, looks like it. The real question is what changed? I have also run wireshark to watch the packets, but I had too much other network stuff going on to at that time to visually catch something. I'll need to run that test again on both Operating systems to gather more data.
  2. I have this happening as well on One computer. to define this a bit more, The account is logged in, and the server selected. Next thing I should see is the character selection screen. the time this screen takes to show/load is several MINUTES. When I do the above on a different computer, the time is short, i.e. a few seconds or what I remember as a normal amount time for City of Heroes. I've gone so far as to create a second account to test this. Both accounts, on my windows 7 computer take minutes for the "Retrieving Character list" to happen. On my Windows 10 computer, both accounts load in seconds to that screen. Troubleshooting wise, I need more data. This is leaning towards operating system difference, but could just be something related to having installed/removed/reinstalled the game on the Windows 7 system several times now. I.e. I am not sure if there are 'old' parts looking for the game at the 'old' locations and only 'working' once the actual game location is 'found'. I think, I will try installing (clean) on a different windows 7 system and see what happens there.
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