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  1. Thanks very much for the help - well, some of you - . I've been past that van plenty of times but I never saw the Gull on top of it. I thought you had to ENTER the van... Anyway, now I have a very happy reformed villain in King's Row. If you see Madam Midnite flying around, be sure to say hello
  2. Who is Null the Gull and how do I find him? Enquiring minds want to know...
  3. Almost any character that Jack Kirby drew...
  4. I've just started playing a TW Brute. He has the big concrete club. Yes, it looks silly, but it also looks comic-booky which is fine with me. I only run him solo. If I want to play teams I take a different character. I'm not a min-maxer. I don't farm. I just play the missions because I enjoy them. I don't know where TW rates as compared to other power sets and I don't care. I play Titan Weapons and CoH purely because it's fun. Yeah, I'm weird that way.
  5. I'll be 69 in October. I was born in 1951
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