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  1. Personally I just wish it was possible to have Trick Arrow powers shoot out of dual pistols/assault rifle/beam rifle. I do suppose at this point you'd have to make a completely different set though.
  2. It's been a minute since I've played classics. Anyone free next week to play some classic heroes or villains? My current projects are around lvl 20.
  3. I was thinking of this thread a couple of days ago because I had an idea for a Strength Manipulation secondary for Blasters. I recall an early CoH beta video where Super Strength was a secondary for Blasters so now I am kind of curious if such a thing could be made into reality on our server. Admittedly my power selections and level placements are sloppy so I am very interested in hearing feedback 🙂 Strength Manipulation - Punch: From Super Strength - Resist Physical Damage: from Invulnerability - Haymaker: From Super Strength - Handclap
  4. I'd rebuild Force Fields and Regen from the ground up with the absorb mechanic in mind. These sets should be way cooler than how they actually play out (as in like, I can skip most of the powers lol) And before anyone says it, yes, I would nerf Regen. Thank you. More dynamic combat. At the very least, less animation rooting. Obviously, keep the game from being twitch based but make it more action-y. A more measured Incarnate system and invention system. Still get cool end game bells and whistles but you gotta make tough choices on how you want to be powerful
  5. I don't support this. While challenging, I think it is a much better use a resources to maintain the shards we have now for a wide variety of players, casual and hardcore.
  6. Started playing around 2005. I turn 29 in September.
  7. I believe respecs are already level agnostic on slots and I believe you can 6 slot something at 50 because you have all powers available to slot at once.
  8. I have a certain fondness for the Hollows. Yes. Even when you got travel powers at lvl 14. Really that just made it better back in the day cause you could really take in all of the detail of zone. Cap au Diable. So much variety and character in one zone. St. Martial looks like how most of the Rogue Isles should look?? A good mix of glitzy and gloomy. Also some of the best zone music. All of the Praetorian zones look super nice. It makes me wonder what the game would look like if all of the zones were designed with a similar philosophy.
  9. I like the incidental music that plays when you enter missions so I think this be fun too.
  10. I believe this is associated with the new story arcs introduced in issue 27.
  11. I made a new Mind/Rad who's super fun. I just got him SOs and he's an absolute powerhouse. I'm pretty occupied with mandatory overtime but I would be happy to set aside some time to play classics 🙂
  12. You are exactly the person I had in mind when I was thinking of this 🙂
  13. This is a cool idea. I am all for more novel forms of introducing difficulty than simply adding extra numbers to enemy levels or spawn sizes. I however, would add a sliding scale like: Max 3 set bonuses (Rule of three) Max 1 set bonus (Rule of one) No set bonuses (Rule of none) No set bonuses, procs or global enhancements (Classic mode) Considering how the game considers set bonuses, global enhancements and procs and the like as powers I imagine it wouldn't take too much tweaking to limit them in any capacity. Plus, you're going to have to categorize all
  14. There's a partial list on the wiki https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Event_Badges Peerless just realized this is already a badge
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