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  1. Builds have already become pretty easy with inherent stamina. No need to make them any easier I think.
  2. If anyone is free on Friday I'd be down to run Manticore.
  3. When I played I never paid super close attention to the story so its nice to take the scenic route and see the precedent for future content and understand the lore better.
  4. Wikipedia describes both Longshot and Scarlet Witch's power as Probability Manipulation and considering this is an attempt to make that into a powerset I'd say probability should be in the name. As far as the powerset, it looks really novel and I totally support it but it might be overtuned and could still use a little work. Mainly I am not certain about the Roulette power and where it is versus everything else and what it can do and how it does it. I think a more consistent buff may be better. I'd hate to be hit with Roulette and not get the boost I wanted.
  5. Glad to hear it! I got Medic to lvl 40 soloing the rest of Colleen Nelson's arc. I had no idea references to the Imperious TF and Nictus/Warshade existed in I0 story arcs! After I hit 40 I switched over to do Ghost Widow's arc (then switched back right after) and then I did a nearly all Scrapper/Brute ITF. Here's Medic with Lord Recluse.
  6. If we have enough peeps we could do Tarikoss but I am definitely down for some missions.
  7. Beam Rifle sounds effects don't have nearly enough punch to them. I wish they'd use some of the Pulse Rifle/Robots sound effects. Those are much more satisfying in comparison.
  8. Soul Storm has the most satisfying animation in the game from the wind up to the hold itself to the pose you strike after using it.
  9. Should all archetypes be able to solo? Absolutely. I solo'd this game a lot on Live and I think that's one of its greatest strengths is that it is very solo friendly. Now the level that people can solo at that's a whole other question. Should all archetypes be able to solo at +4/8? I'd say overall that fighting at +4/x8 shouldn't be without difficulty, no matter the archetype, builds, IOs etc. The limit of difficult should feel like the limit unless a higher limit can be established. Is there a difference in performance expectations for content below level 50 versus level 50+? Starting at lvl 35 the game starts to get super charged with T9 powers and epic/patron pools. This is part of the natural game progression where that group of 3 minions isn't anywhere near as hard as it was at lvl 1. Obviously, once you get Incarnates and Purple IO sets that power equation is going to change again. Should players be using Invention Origin enhancements by a specific level or range? Generics? usually starting at lvl 22. Nothing but sets? Not until 50 I'd think unless you got money from your alts or someone generous. Most normal content should be soloable at +0/0 with an SO build at lvl 22+ Do players who can solo +4/8 at level 50 have an outsized impact on teams or other players? Maybe this is as intended? Absolutely. However, it takes awhile in terms of getting IOs and Incarnate powers and that really is a reward of those systems. I think being stronger than other players is intended but absolutely eclipsing other players (at the same or similar level) I don't think was planned by the original developers or Homecoming team. How to deal with that or if to deal with that is beyond me, sorry!
  10. Any of those nights should work for me!
  11. Phantasm dies pretty easily. I love it (especially since I got Overwhelming Force slotted to make cooperate with my traps and provide more control) but I can understand not wanting to take the effort to slot the power out and keep the thing alive. Especially here since this seems like a very tight build that is dedicated to chasing lots of +recharge and defense. Not sure how to optimize that further.
  12. Expedient Reinforcements has the same recharge bonus for the same number of enhancements if you want to eke the most of those slots.
  13. If I don't have hasten on auto on a character that uses it I would totally forget to use it. As far as Clarion if I am mezzed I know that's when to use it. And considering I only get mezzed on occasion I prefer to have it up on an as needed basis.
  14. Great run tonight folks! I'm really glad we could get Sythestesiatica up to the proper level so she could join us! Here's everyone about to board the tram for our pre-TF mission sesh:
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