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  1. I love these early beta build videos. Its always really fascinating to see what the game was in the very early stages like how in this particular video it appears build up was the lvl 32 power of the energy blast set. Or the fact in this video that "Super Personality" is listed as a powerset As far as NCSoft goes... I think the thing there was they helped with distribution and what not so if the CoH property wasn't owned by NCSoft it might have been harder for CoH to get out there? We don't have Ouroboros so no way to find that out. I will say that the further that CoH drifted from the initial Jack Emmert vision the better it got. More exciting and focused story arcs, better leveling curve, cooler power sets and just better game design. I'm thankful he helped make the game but I'm not sure what he or what any of us could have down to prevent it from getting unfairly shutdown by NC.
  2. Hi there! Curious if you could make me A Stalker Kinetic Melee/Super Reflexes build.
  3. Yep! A cool idea but definitely one that will need to introduced with a lot of time and care. For some of the other ones (Mind, Vitae, Omega) it seemed like they were just making stuff up as they were being Asked Anything: or just really ridiculous: Although Infinity does sound like basically what I want out of Lore lol
  4. I felt similar until I realized you can bind these to cast on your location or on a target. Have you looked into that? https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Bind_(Slash_Command)
  5. Alpha Slot This is the one I have the most experience with. I have four level 50s and all them have atleast some level of Alpha slotted. I generally pick either Agility or Cardiac but I'd say that most of the choices for Alpha slot can be pretty compelling and it really depends on the character you're rolling with. I like the Alpha slot a lot, the level shift might be kind of overpowered but I do like that too. Judgement Slot I have Judgement on three character and its pretty stupid overpowered. If there was some end game content that justified this I'd be OK with but it basically gives my Controllers a nuke and my Corruptor a second nuke. A strong signature attack is definitely something I had in mind when they first started talking about an Incarnate System (especially because of Statesmen's Lightning Powers) but here it seems we've given everyone a nuke and and pretty much all the secondary effects are kind of moot cause you killed everything with it anyway. I'm totally for everyone getting a strong AoE attack but this one definitely needs to be looked at!! Interface Slot The effects here are cool but I feel like between Judgement, IO sets etc. it feels like you never really get to see them in action all that long because everyone does so much damage anyway it doesn't really matter what Interface procs you trigger on opponents because they'll be dead really quickly anyway. Lore Slot I only have one character with Lore and I definitely echo the sentiment earlier in the thread that there's too many choices and in my own opinion too many of them are too specific in a conceptual sense (I got a Tsoo posse now? I got a Nemesis posse now? idk idk). There's also a very solved meta here that pretty much gravitates towards everyone having the Banished Pantheon Ravager. I ended up going for a Storm Elemental for my main and will probably pick out the more neutral choices like that, the Robotic Drones and the Phantoms (which I believe are just like the Illusion Control Phantom Army pets?) for the rest of my characters (min/maxing be damned!). Also geez these are the most powerful things in the world. If you're not already demolishing mobs with Judgement, even in Incarnate trials, you're turning them into a fine fine paste with your Banished Pantheon Ravager. While I do like a good 4 minute Hami raid or a quick Incarnate trial this one definitely needs to get looked at. EDIT: I just got a low level Phantom for a character's lore slot and they don't have the option to be customized like phantom army? That has to be fixed. Destiny Slot I only have one character with a low level Destiny slot ability so while I can't speak on this one from personal experience I will say that on higher level Incarnate content or on teams with people who even just have one or two of these the effects get pretty strong pretty quick. Very much a case of "when everyone is super no one is". Most of my level 50s are support classes (Controllers and Corruptors respectively) and honestly the existence of Destiny makes me feel pretty overshadowed in a way? And I have some very highly valued support sets! (Time Manipulation, Traps and Kinetics) I think there needs to be re evaluation of Destiny so that using it feels useful without making endgame content focused around melee classes equipped with huge buffs they can trigger themselves. Hybrid Slot OK I only have the first tier Control ability on my Controller but I gotta say I think this is pretty cool and definitely something I had in mind when I was thinking about an Incarnate System. I haven't really gotten much chance to take full advantage of the effects but I really like this one. Feels like it should come earlier too considering how strong Destiny, Judgement and Lore are. Also can we get the Control Hybrid definition of a Controlled Opponent for Controller's Containment? Overall I think the Incarnate System is cool and I like powers like Alpha, Interface and Hybrid when it comes incarnate abilities. The other ones are way too strong for the game we have now and unless there's something that takes advantage of that they definitely need to be looked at. I certainly believe Incarnate abilities should be strong but there should be a high difficulty that can be chosen that means something at level 45+ I am also of the opinion no new Incarnate abilities should be added, yet. Especially since we can't really create new game assets and especially especially since what we have now has made endgame content a lil too easy. Only after those particular problems are dealt with, then we can make Genesis, Omega etc.
  6. I have an Illusion/Traps and I think it is really pointless that the Force Field Generator blows up every couple of minutes. I think there are better ways to balance it versus Force Field's Dispersion Bubble than making me resummon it every couple of minutes.
  7. I think Minimal FX would be a welcome addition to all Leadership Powers. And not just the ones in the power pool either.
  8. I like this. While I do love Council PI farms, I would also love it if there was better incentive for people to do the safeguard mission.
  9. I really like this idea. I don't see anything necessarily wrong with raising the toHit ceiling because ultimately what matters is what you do with it. What's the corresponding toHit floor? How can you reach this new and special toHit cap? Does everything have the same toHit cap? I am for anything that introduces meaningful flavor and variety in gameplay.
  10. Those macros are a huge help. It definitely makes setting up things like my ice storm and caltrops easier.
  11. So Ragnarok chance for Knockdown and Annihilation - res are no good on Caltrops? I'm curious cause I have an Ill/Traps and I'm figuring out how to respec him to make him deadlier. If anything is a good proc bomb I feel like its Controller Holds. I have two damage procs on and it feels like they always go off.
  12. All on Everlasting: Controllers: 2 Corruptors: 2 Arachnos Soldier: 1 Arachnos Widow: 1 Masterminds: 1 Stalkers: 1 Blasters: 1 Level 50s: 4 I only had three level 50s on live. They were a Mastermind, a Scrapper and a Stalker respectively. My four level 50s on here are two Controllers, a Corruptor and an Arachnos Soldier so I've definitely changed my habits on here.
  13. So I have Electric Shackles for my Ice/Kin Corruptor and I do like the power but I noticed it comes up a little short, even up against the hold in my primary. Let's take a look at the (un enhanced) numbers of some holds available to corruptors: POWER SET HOLD DURATION/RECHARGE SECONDARY EFFECTS FREEZE RAY ICE BLAST 9.54 seconds/10 seconds (9.5/10) = .95 moderate cold damage TESLA CAGE ELECTRIC BLAST 8 seconds/10 seconds (8/10) = .8 minor energy damage, -end PETRIFYING GAZE DARK MIASMAS 9.54 seconds (9.5/16) = .59 none TIME STOP TIME MANIPULATION 9.54 seconds (9.5/16) = .59 -regen, -heal SPIRIT SHARK JAWS LEVIATHAN MASTERY 11.92 seconds (11.92/32) = .3725 moderate lethal damage, -fly WEB COCOON MACE MASTERY 11.92 seconds (11.92/32) = .3725 -fly, -jump, slow SOUL STORM SOUL MASTERY 11.92 seconds (11.92/32) = .3725 moderate negative damage ELECTRIC SHACKLES MU MASTERY 8 seconds (8/32) = .25 minor energy damage, -end Now to be fair not all holds and not all sets are created equal. Certainly. But even with relatively comparable holds Electric Shackles seems to be a little overbalanced. I think at the very least it could use an extra second or two of hold time.
  14. I have an Ice/Kin Corrupter and he scourges with Ice Storm and Blizzard all the time.
  15. I have a Grav/Time and Illusion/Traps Controller and I don't have group travel powers for them. I never need them getting to and from a mission and they can always keep up with the group otherwise. If they aren't usually it means its time to resummon.
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