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  1. NOT 100% but l think alignment has messed with it before. Hero or villain...
  2. Opened the post, made a quick observation of the formulas. Shook my head and promptly closed the post. Kudos, @Bopper
  3. @Coyote the combo of Earth/Cold gave me the 'that sounds fun!' feeling. Would you be kind enough to share the build, plz?
  4. So many new combinations. Here comes the Tank-Lock. lol
  5. TYVM. I have seen the build , as you said, many times. I just wanted to see your take on it. Completely understand and respect your decision.
  6. FA Sorry totally had tanking on the brain
  7. Would you be so kind as to do a Spines/FM Brute and WP/DM Tank? TY
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