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  1. agreed. honestly same for all the gun sets 🙂
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    Granite should always be paired with teleport, but the kin secondary is definitely best.
  3. "I can't believe City of Heroes never had any real arcane powersets, even with MAGIC being one of the origins. I mean, various Marvel and DC heroes and villains are either mutants or aliens with natural magical powers, so there's no good argument against the other origins making use of the mystic arts. Hence: Arcane Blast and Mystical Aura!" Agreed. When the Dev team did the player community event in palo alto years and years ago I asked one of the powers team devs about this and they said that origin + powers = arcane which...I understand the low hanging fruit there, but did not agree, and didn't want to be rude about it...but I agreed with you. Been dreaming up my own arcane sets for years and love what you've come up with. All I ask....arcane snipe = magic missle (for the culture). ❤️
  4. In my head canon, the vet temp powers are built out as pool powers. This is like a rough sketch, trying to have fun with the potential of the vet power so just dreaming a bit here. Ghost Slaying Axe Swing (existing attack w/ HP steal) Rune of Night (tap the mystic properties of the axe to imbue your next few attacks with dark energy, debilitating your foes (self +acc, foe -to-hit) Cursed Blade (by channeling specific runic energy through the blade, you can possess your foe) (moderate damage, foe chance to-confuse) [the idea is that as long as you are attacking a single foe, there is a chance that single foe will be confused, but sustaining the confuse takes multiple hits] Scythe (with a burst of power, the blade leaves your grasp and attacks a few foes at range before returning to your hand) (ranged cone attack, self +HP steal, foe -to-hit) Spectre (this attack does does moderate damage and debilitates your foe. Synergy; if you have trained Scythe and Rune of Night, this attack has a chance to extract the spirit of your foe on defeat. The spirit will follow you for a short time, granting you some protection while debilitating your foe) (mod dam, foe -res, special (summon spectre: self +def, +dam, foe +fear, -recov) Sands of Mu Dark Flurry (existing attack) Tendrils (the sands of mu follow your will, attacking a foe at range. The sands will linger after the brunt of the attack, debilitating foes near your target) (mod neg/lethal DoT, foe -to-hit, foes -def) Plume (the power of the sands will extract endurance from the foes around you and granted you a stack of absorb. When depleted, this causes a small burst of energy) (pbaoe minor dam, self +absorb(# of foes in melee range), +special(pbaoe moderate neg/fire dam on absorb @ 0) Zephyr (by channeling the sands around you, you can glade swiftly over terrain, while at rest the swirling sands provide you some protection form incoming attacks) (self +glide(travel power reskin?), if speed = 0, +def(all) Dunerush (protect yourself and your allies by sending a focused force of the Sands towards oncoming enemies, knocking them back and weakening their offensive strength) (ranged cone, foe +kb/kd, -rech - recov) Nemesis Staff Staff Bolt (existing attack power) Power Swing (with a might swing of the staff you slam a foe with full force, knocking them into the air) (single target foe dam, +ku/kd) Wind-Up Blast (the gears of the staff spin at incredible velocity, releasing a concentrated boll of energy that explodes on contact with your foe, stunning nearby foes) (ranged attack mod energy/smash dam, foes +stun) Wind-Up Crash (after the gears reach peak velocity with concentrated energy, slamming the staff into the ground breaks the momentum and releases protective energy around you) (self +res, team -immob -slow, +mezres) Power Swing (with a might swing of the staff you slam a foe with full force, knocking them into the air) (single target foe dam, +ku/kd) Extraction Beam (the strange energy of the nemesis staff can be used to weaken a targeted foe) (ranged foe -res, -recov, - speed) Blackwand Staff Lesser Hex (existing attack) Spellbash (this attack strikes a foe with arcane force, sending them flying. Repeated attacks can stun most foes) (melee single target mod smash/psi dam, foe +kb/kd, +stun) Blackflame Sigil (using the blackwand's formidable powers, you cast a sigil on the ground that erupts in blackflame, damaging your foes and causing them to tremble in fear) (targeted aoe mod toxic dam, mod fire DoT, foes +terrorized) Transumtation (the power of the blackwand wraps an ally in a protective aura which converts some damage against them into endurance for you. The first attack grants you a small +rech boost) (ally +def, +rez, +speed, self +end(from attack dam), +special(first strike on ally after cast that lands -1.5sec to all powers under recharge) Greater Hex (this power engulfs a foe in magical energy, causing them damage over time while ensnaring them, with a chance to bring them under your power) (single target range attack, mod dark/toxic DoT, foe +confuse, -speed)
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