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  1. Yup! We were on Triumph on the Live game. Glad I could unknowingly be of assistance.
  2. This is really heartbreaking. Robotech_Master was one of the first to join the Supergroup I started in 2019, Feline Fellowship. It was a relaunch of an old SG from the Live game, but he was new to the group. He ended up stepping up and leading our SG as Infurno when I got too busy to take it on myself. He did an amazing job of running it. He not only wrote amazing articles and guides, but he personally hung out with us. He had a bunch of characters in our group and would regularly play with us and test our custom levels in AE. He was the best of us and this tragedy affects us all. He was taken too soon and be sorely missed. We will always have a place for him in our hearts and our SG. Rest in Peace Infurno. /em holdtorch
  3. I can confirm, this mission is indeed not broken, just really easy to miss the next step. There is a point where you run into some villains talking about executing someone, that is where she is located. She isn't a glowie, she doesn't make noise or anything. But she is selectable, so look for a selectable body. I know it is a spoiler, but thanks for the help. Hope no one else runs into that problem, or if they do they see this thread. GLHF
  4. OMG I'm going to check right now... they should have made that a little more obvious
  5. Ok... this is way way worse than I thought... The mission is with Laura Lockhart, and as soon as you take it, she is gone, and you can't call her or find her. She is inside the mission at this point. When you go inside, it starts off like normal but you run into a door that can't be opened without a key, and it never drops. SHe is on the other side of that door somewhere. When you leave the mission, you discover that the Abandon button is grayed out. You can't abandon the mission, nor can you call her to complete it (the once every 3 days auto-complete option), and you can't finish it. It is seemingly impossible to get rid of this mission. I may forever have this mission stuck in my queue taking up space from my available missions! With no way to report a bug, I'm not sure what to do but post here. The missions is "Defend the UNSF Base", the contact is Laura Lockhart. It is in Steel Canyon.
  6. Same here, she is inside the mission, you can't call her or anything, and as you go through it you need a key that never drops to finish the mission. There is no way to get past here, I've tried it twice now. Killed everyone, clicked on everything, no blinkies... just can't get past it.
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