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  1. I have no advice, but I've just started a DM/Radiation brute, and I have to agree about the Radiation power effects: unappealing. It is probably too much to hope for new effects options, but you never know...
  2. Repel with KB to KD is inspired: this had never occurred to me! I'd always eschewed it due to its lack of synergy with the rest of kinetics. And the Alpha Incarnate slot does patch the recharge hole, allowing much more slot freedom. It's not that hard to get, once on level 50, so I should definitely build with that in mind.
  3. This is an excellent point: in the interim I've definitely given up on the Kick muling, not least because there are so many things vying for slots. I really would like to keep the psy epic, and not just for thematic reasons: after 30+ levels of abject squishiness, mass hypnosis followed by fulcrum shift is immensely satisfying. You'd think it would get old, but er, not yet. Historically, it has also often saved my bacon when things go pear-shaped, if you'll excuse the mixed metaphor. The defense problem is the key: as you say, I'm going to be up and personal a significant amount of time. Especially because of Transfusion. I did have trouble finding sources of S/L defense that also had +recharge. Even then, 30% or so ranged defense was still very far from the cap. But broadly, you'd recommend S/L over everything else? I know I am making things much harder for myself without SS. [I think it's a shame Psychic Blast doesn't come with some psychic defense: given the number of very psionic resistant foes (including mez-resistant mezzers) one encounters after level 20, a bit of a break would have been both a nice gesture and thematically appropriate.] Also a good point. The bonus accuracy is really the only significant benefit, and it's not that much. Yes, indeed. I was over-compensating for lack of control, but Dominate is just a better power all round: faster cast, faster recharge, and consequently usefully stackable on bosses once recharge is good enough. Psy scream was always frustrating to use on the way up: with the standard group of three mobs, it's hard to position in combat efficiently, and even under the best of circumstances it requires running backwards back out of Transfusion range to fire it off, and then back in again, and then back out again, etc. This time around, I respec'ed it out. An AoE slow or immobilize would have been very handy. But it's not like Psionic Tornado is particularly good either: long cast time, anemic damage, and it doesn't seem to knock up very reliably at all. Certainly it's almost pointless solo, and on solid teams, most of the mobs who would even notice the damage are already defeated well before the DoT finishes. And of course, it has zero synergy with Mass Hypnosis. In short, I don't really know what to do about contributing AoE damage outside of Psychic Wail: all the options seem to be somewhat meh.
  4. If it's any consolation, my defender experiences have all been that solo play is demoralizingly awful until maybe level 40. Kinetics included. For an archetype with 'defend' in the name, most of the power sets are terrible at defending their wielders. Kinetics though is great on teams, even with only Speed Boost and Transfusion. I literally had no idea such a thing existed! It would change everything, except of course its justifiably hefty influence cost precludes using it except for very special occasions.
  5. Hello! I'm recreating my first ever hero, a Kinetics / Psychic Blast defender — from memory. And to be honest, I am sure there are opportunities now, with newer fancier IO sets and the like, to do a better job. So I'm hoping I might get some advice from you all on the proposed build below, which if not exactly the same as way back when, is fairly close in powers and themes. This is a character that I want to be able to solo with (hence the crowd control choices in Psychic Mastery) while still being valuable in teams and TFs. High recharge reduction is there both to cycle the limited mezzes for solo survivability, as well as for reducing the chance of being caught flat footed with Transfusion, Transference, or Fulcrum Shift. Historically, I didn't pay enough attention to Defense, which is one of the reasons why I acquired all the debt badges so quickly the first time around. Hopefully the choices of IO sets below addresses this sufficiently, but we're still far from any caps. While the build here is clearly a fully tricked out level 50 target, I don't think the slot levels are too crazy for it to be unusable for slotting as I level up.
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