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  1. It's been a while since I set mine up, so don't hold me to this as certain, but I think it's: /bind (whatever key you want here) powexeclocation target "(power name as shown)" So to bind blizzard to C for example, it would be: /bind C powexeclocation target "blizzard" --- and for powers with multiple word names make sure to use spaces exactly as displayed i.e., "rain of fire"
  2. We're talking a combined -75% requiring two powers in Time Wall and Time Stop that lasts maybe 12 seconds tops? Oops, almost forgot EoT that has -50% for 20 seconds. So... -125% total combined with an uptime of around 20 seconds max. Not exactly earth-shattering to me, and a P2W dagger can do the same or better IIRC. Electricity doesn't have -regen, instead having -Recovery and -end instead in almost every power. Not going to be flooring an AV's (or even minions really) blue bar with those. The more important thing to me was the ability to KD in Havoc and TS, and if wanted, slottin
  3. Energy does have a neat set of boost powers. I'm just forgetful as all get out (and admittedly lazy enough to a point to not remember, lol), so the click component of Energize really threw me off too much. If you're anything not like me though, it's a powerhouse I'm sure. I just prefer the toggle on and forget of Electricity regen/recovery more for my old, addled brain 😆
  4. Just curious, but are you sold on Temporal? I started off my blaster/blapper with Fire/Temporal and made it to mid-20s before I realized I hated the DoT component on the melee and nothing else in the set really appealed to me. So I switched up to Fire/Atomic, thinking that would be better and it was to an extent, but it still didn't click for me, overall. It wasn't until I tried Fire/Electric that I settled on my blaster to level and IO. It's missing the recharge component of either of the first two, but it has something the other two don't in three powers with KD, which is really
  5. I'm thinking of trying out a WP/Stone Melee tanker. Don't really have a build for it yet, but I think it would probably synergize very well with all the knockdowns to alleviate the lower defenses and WP could supply the fuel well enough.
  6. Not only because we were all able to return thanks to the HC dev team, but in hopes of how the real world should be one day: Unified
  7. Gotcha. Then I have to thank both of you then, @Infinitum for creating the build and you for posting it on March 18 above. 🙂 Yeah, I'm still just getting my legs under me, so 10MM inf/hour is too pricy right now for me. Sounds like I'd be happy with Inv/RadM, but I'll give both a whirl on the test server to see which melee set suits me more. Good to know about SR though.. sudden face-planting isn't really something I want to go through, so it helps immensely to have your experience relayed. Thanks again!
  8. I have and play both ATs, and I think Sents could be set to blaster damage modifiers, lose the range limitation, and add +2 to cap for AoE and still be ok. Since they have a quicker recharge on T9, it should be less affected mobs, so that one power can stay as is. Blasters still have an entire secondary set they can use to add to their damage as well, which Sents couldn't come close to in overall numbers. For a kind of trade-off, bake in Mez/Stun/Hold/KB protect into the blaster level 20 toggle. I doubt many leveling blasters would argue too much with that, and to me this is win-win territory.
  9. I'd like to give a big thank you to @Linea for the SD/EM build above. I couldn't find a single build for this post-EM changes that fit what I was looking for until this one, so I very much appreciate it! Still saving up for the winter sets right now, as it'll be my first IO'ed 50 on Live, but running missions solo on test with it and it is 110% rock solid no matter what common mobs I face +4x8 (carnies, malta, etc.). I did do a few minor tweaks to fit my style a little more, and found zero endurance or health problems with the build at all afterwards. Probably doesn't kill as fast
  10. A hospital? What is it? It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now - and don't call me Shirley! Definitely not alone here - KFH was an instant masterpiece classic, chock full of over the top MA tropes and terrific physical comedy gags. The actors' faces all sold it very well, especially the protagonist. Very Buster Keaton-ish (for all you young kids... Jackie Chan modeled his acting style after Keaton. Wait.. I don't have to explain Jackie Chan too, do I?? 🤣).
  11. Guess I'm just simple in my wants compared to a lot of folks here, but I think it'd be asking too much of a volunteer team of devs to do some of these suggestions. Mine are this: 1. Port the MB version from Sent SR to all ATs, and while we're at it, add in SD as well with the DDR double stack values as inherent for that set. 2. Round-file the Sent opportunity inherent completely as it stands. Make it a Fury mechanic instead where the more you blast the mobs, they more damage and scaling -RES generated, up to 20% for the latter. Would love to see a Brute Blaster version for the
  12. Plus you get a nice little absorb shield to hopefully not die that can be clicked while they toggle them back on (not really sure, since I never take elude.. like.. ever). Really, really, really wish MB would get ported to all SR sets - my tanker, stalker, scrapper, etc. would greatly benefit from this QoL benefit. I'd say Shield too should get the treatment if they can up the DDR on the set, so that double stacking from the click isn't necessary. Not SR levels, but at least the same as Invulnerability or maybe a tad bit higher since the set lacks a heal like SR. Maybe around halfw
  13. First time making an end-game build, but I wanted to see if this one had any merit. I'm also leveling an Ice/SR Sent along with my Fire/Bio and Elec/Bio (which are both great), as I wanted to see what I could do with the powersets. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve, including skipping some powers, but I liked the idea of a good single target chain as @oldskool showed above, plus two decently powerful AOEs to work with. I was going for: soft cap def or higher Decent amount of resists to work alongside scaling Recharge for perma-hasten Recharge resists (it
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