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  1. I recently IO'd my Psi/Fire and he might be my favorite hero to date. Single Target is fantastic along with great AoE for PvE. What's made the combo really fun is slotting Ragnarok: Chance for KD in Psi Tornado. I lead with it every time, sometimes even ahead of the group. Very rough estimate, but it feels like 80% of the group gets knocked down, including most bosses (Warhulks and DE bosses give trouble). If Psychic Wail is up, then I go Psy Tornado --> Psychic Wail and then just pick off the bosses. Adding to the KD fun (plus survivability) is slotting Fire Sword C
  2. Before shifting to my Plant/Fire dom where I took no secondary melee attacks, I ran my Ice/Earth dom in melee range constantly. Due to ice's lack of hard controls, slotting Arctic Air with Contagious Confusion made the build much more survivable - and fun. Things were either slipping due to Ice Patch and Sleet or they were confused. Heavy mallet and SS on bosses and then most everything else is dead by then. There was definitely a learning curve and the build was not cheap, but it can be done!
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